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  1. Uhh... Not everyone lives is Kansas, USA.
  2. A repair drone that would buzz around and fix blocks within a smallish radius would be cool though, with a recharging station that would be a target of zombies, etc. 😃 Would force you to have multiple of them for any decent sized base, but at the same time, that's all they did, repair. Anyway, I get this isn't something that's gonna happen. The topic just made me think it sounded cool. 😃
  3. Can confirm this as well, on Multi Player.
  4. Saying something is an "excuse" is making the assumption that he has to answer to anyone.
  5. That's great and all (and it is!), but... doesn't change anything when it comes to the crafting, or lack of needing to craft.
  6. This is actually the current "problem" we are running into. Our group has spent a significant amount of time collecting weapon/armor/tool parts, increasing our crafting skills, etc. However, now that we're starting to get drops for tier 6 stuff, it feels like that time and effort are a waste. Not that it didn't serve its purpose at the time, it did. But now? There's no need to collect any (weapon/armor/tool) parts, because the only way to get something better is to loot it. There's no point in the skills we've dropped points in, because... the only way to get something better is to loot it. I'm not saying "the system is broken, change it all!" but it would be nice if it didn't feel like a waste after a time. We can respec, I get it, but... it doesn't change that once you get to tier 6 drops at all, there's almost no point in crafting. So, if there's something (and I don't claim to know what) that you can do to help make crafting at a higher tier retain some value, please do it.
  7. The sense of entitlement around here is amazing.
  8. Not sure if its a bug, but seems to be. Motorcycles (maybe other vehicles) don't seem to trigger pressure plates.
  9. This may be an issue people are talking about already, but... I've noticed that when I'm inside our base (A repurposed prefab), I can stand still and watch the textures toggle quality in and out every 2ish or so seconds. Blurry/Clear/Blurry/Clear and it does it over and over. Outside, no issues that I've seen (I haven't tested that a lot though). I'm running an i-9 9900K, 1080ti, 32gig ram, game is installed on a Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe drive. No idea if that helps or not, let me know if you need/want any other information.
  10. I'm actually enjoying the loot progression now myself. Getting my first pistol... was a great feeling. Then, I perked into it and created a level 3 pistol, found a level 4 later and then just last night, found a level 6 and I'm level 39. Its day 27 and there are 6 people playing. The only thing we haven't found yet is a crucible. I assumed we'd have found it by now, but decided to perk into it but need three more levels to do so. Basically, what I'm saying is, for the most part, the loot progression has worked out pretty good and people (on my server) aren't complaining about it. It gives us something to look forward to and goals. Its not perfect, could use some tweaks (Such as, it seems better to just find guns than craft them for the most part), but I've already seen them being discussed here, so... looking good! I'd like to see a feature where weapons/tools eventually can't be repaired as once you have a tier 6 of whatever... there's getting the loot, breaking down the parts, selling them, etc... just isn't very fulfilling. Maybe that is an M word thing instead. Anyway, we've been enjoying the game more than ever.
  11. Is there anything that can be done to dynamically adjust the game time progression? As an example, we have maybe 10 or so players that play on the server. One or 2 of them play off hours from the rest. When either group logs in, there could be several days have passed (sometimes a week or more if we have a player going nuts). Sure, we could tell them "don't play this great game so much!", but... not really what we want to do. It would be nice if we could set something so that if the game time progression was slower the fewer people that were online, etc.
  12. If that was a Letter Kenny reference, +1 rep.
  13. 2 hours is a long time, but there is nothing "wrong" with his PC, it just is not very powerful. The #1 thing for me in Nitrogen is the map generation time, which he also says takes only a few minutes for him. So... 2 hours or a few minutes, there's room for improvement. I can generate a map in 2 minutes on Nitrogen, and if I don't like the map generated, I generate another and another etc. After 10... I'd like to not have taken 2.5 hours of time. If you're always happy with the first map you get, then I guess you'll never see the issues others are seeing.
  14. For the record, I will never once notice or care if there is a handle or not. I will not notice if something "fits" or not. I will however notice if the game plays like ass, is boring or otherwise isn't fun. Run with that however you will.
  15. I read that you're going to be looking at the candy duration, but just wanted to add in another voice to things. Personally, I can't see myself ever using it. They would be like potions in an MMO to me, stacks and stacks of them (if they were in loot), just so I could sell them. The reason is, I never have the time really to plan the next couple of minutes of what's going to happen. Then, when something does happen, there isn't a pause button so I can attempt to remember what the right item in my backpack is that I'm looking for. Plus, taking up valuable storage slots for something I "might" use and "might use at the correct time". Anyway, I'm all for options and those that like these will... like them. heh But really, it sounds like an inventory/time management nightmare for myself and I'll stay away. So thanks for putting them in vending machines only and not "wasting" my chances at "good" loot.
  16. I think I had the same problem, I wasn't reading the directions and installed the 32bit JAVA version. Installed the 64bit version and things ran fine.
  17. Small stuff, no tooltips on "traders", "traders location" and "town size"
  18. It would be cool if I could select to generate say 5 maps with one click. So then I can view the previews at once, etc.
  19. One thing I noticed after generating a few maps, is that sometimes the craters are on top of each other. You could do that intentionally and create more oblong types of areas for the wastelands, etc. Might be easier?
  20. This is my first time using this, and it's.... pretty awesome. Nice work! =) I actually came here wondering what the "circles" are on the map preview, but read above. Agreed with others if you could make those less of a circle and "fit" better it would be really nice. Either way though, this is excellent, thanks for creating this awesome tool!
  21. I was able to update RAT for 2.0 beta 2 without too much trouble, thanks Stompy! The next version I release of RAT will be using these updates. =)
  22. So sweet... I can't wait to implement some of the ideas I have in RAT thanks to your work! =)
  23. This is really awesome Stompy, I can't wait to use it! Thanks for all of your work on this mod, you're opening up so many things that I couldn't do before with RAT! =)
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