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  1. Hey, Q1 I still don't get the "Random Biomes". Could you please elaborate? Q2 What happend to the Idea of choosing a Profession at Gamestart? Something that your Character has been before the Crisis. Blacksmith, Doctor, Mechanic or even an "Escort with a special Imune System" lol. Something that gives you a Headstart in a specific Direction of Perks. Q3 Where do you draw the most Inspiritaion regarding Zombies from? For example: the black haired Scout seems to be leaning toward the "Ring Girl".
  2. 7 days to die goes Star Trek, try to survive on a Borg (Zombies) infected Colony... I can still dream :-)
  3. If the money well ever depletes, they can still trow Addons and Expansions at us. I don't think I will ever stop playing 7DtD
  4. Vegetairan Zombies moaning "Grains...." instead of "Brains...." I do not want them around my House, I do not want them in my Blouse, I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere!
  5. This is what drags me to 7 Days in the first place, instead of going to Ark, Rust, Conan or Miscreated. Its the RGW with its surprising POIs behind the next hill or biome. Mine something and its gone. No magically respawning boulders or stone. I want to build my base block by block. Not having to try to clip two wall parts together... You are doing great. I think most of the people on the forums that are happy, are also silent.
  6. Looking at a Map on where to go, does not spoil your Vacation <3
  7. I have been following this thread very silently. It's nice that you are doing this twitch thing. But I am pretty sure that I am not the only one here, who doen't want to get spoiled. I want to be surprised by all the new features. I want to explore them first hand. I want to make mistakes and learn from them on my own, without somebody telling me what I should do in what way. That said, I am still very hyped for A18. I just don't want to be a twitch number that tells you how many people are interested. By the way... the 3 Smileys - I don't think they stand for anything. They do however remind me of the three seashells in Demolition Man
  8. Oh snap, I never done this before. Normally I get around 75-90 FPS. But when I start the battery/Solarpanel/Light thing, it goes down to about 20-40 FPS I always try to use all 6 Panels, since they don't generate that much electricity. Same goes for the Batteries. After I dissassembled the Setup, the FPS was back to normal. I am going to do a Serverwipe after A18 hits. I will build the setup and see if it lags. If it does, I will make a full proper Bugreport and give you guys access to my Server, where you can see first hand.
  9. Oh another Thing... I didn't see that it got mentioned. If anybody knows - I don't want to bother the Devs...: Are the Solarpanels going to get fiexed in A18? The Game gets ultra laggy when you setup Solarpanels to recharge Batteries in the Daytime and use the Batteries for Lights at Night. I use a Timerrelay from 20h - 8h (8pm-8am).
  10. Yeah, go for it. But its not for me. I'd like to go stealth. I have always done that in games whenever it was possible. Thats whya I am really hyped for A18. The Skilltree makes much more sense now. A17 is like going to multiple shops to get the stuff you need. Now you head to your store and get everything. Even cheaper I might say, because you already invested Points in agility for example.
  11. Hello MadMole, i love the Video, and thank you for answering all our Questions! <3 You mentioned earlier, that you'd like to see CBBE support. Are you referring to Calientes Beautiful Body Enhancer? If that is the Case, can we expect some love for the Playermodels somewhere down the Road? Some Characters look scarier than some of the Zombies bodywise. Much obliged!
  12. Can't wait to get my little hands on A18! 7 days to die deserves a more creepier elevator music if it ever comes in. I suggest the "Helix" theme. God I loved that series!!! The lyrics go: I'm going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose What I hear: Zombies survive in San Jose
  13. I do not use spikes at all. I use Steel-Walls, with a one Block Opening, Iron Bars and a trapdoor to over the hole, so screamers cant see me. Its like a hatch on an old Pirateship. On the other side of the Wall, I use electric Fences, Bladetraps and Shotgun Turrets. I do miss the Logspikes alot tho.
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