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  1. Hey, Q1 I still don't get the "Random Biomes". Could you please elaborate? Q2 What happend to the Idea of choosing a Profession at Gamestart? Something that your Character has been before the Crisis. Blacksmith, Doctor, Mechanic or even an "Escort with a special Imune System" lol. Something that gives you a Headstart in a specific Direction of Perks. Q3 Where do you draw the most Inspiritaion regarding Zombies from? For example: the black haired Scout seems to be leaning toward the "Ring Girl".
  2. 7 days to die goes Star Trek, try to survive on a Borg (Zombies) infected Colony... I can still dream :-)
  3. If the money well ever depletes, they can still trow Addons and Expansions at us. I don't think I will ever stop playing 7DtD
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