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  1. True. Figure once I have them hooked, easier to get them to jump through hoops for something harder and more customized.
  2. Thanks, Guppycur! Based on that, looks like I'll have to withgo the "Packs" and Charcoal for now. Makes sense on the CompoPack. Was wondering since I believe none of them use unique assets, just what is already avail. I'll try it out like this but if it becomes a PITA for them, I'll just add everything back and give them a full client to DL. Thanks!
  3. Some versions back, I used to run a small dedicated server and I'm back again. The fun is I've mainly forgotten what I knew before and things have obviously changed (I think my last dedicated was v15 or 16). I'm looking to mainly run a tweaked Vanilla server to begin with. Here my are questions: I have CompoPack43 on the server; do the clients need this? I used a few Mods, do these need to be on the client side or only the server: Packs (Zombies,Animals,Humans) JaxTeller's Bigger Wandering Hordes JaxTeller's Charcoal JaxTeller's Increase WildernessZombiesX5 JaxTeller's ZombieHandAdjustment TSBX Headshot 100 ZLoot Increase I'm mainly trying to do it where friends new to 7 Days to Die can join in without showing them how to add Mods (even though it is easy) but give them a bigger experience than the normal one. If these need to all be on the client and server, I can get that done but trying to make it easy. And sorry for the newbie question, it's been a while (but I'm excited to be back)!
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