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  1. Zombies dig down: Awsome Still, Z's can dig trough hard materials like concrete or stone or even worse iron?! comon. They have no tools, they use their hands, feets, teeth or whatever but there should be a SEVERE change in how they can dig or claw trough blocks. The Z's are WAY to powerful as it is now. There should be a balancing thing you can put as a option to the server how bad they are at beating blocks!! This game is all what a real apocalyptic life can be but the Z's should never be this strong/badass with just hands beating blocks like this imo. Please look into this! It
  2. [EU PvP] - Brotherhood True Survival SDX Wiped and LIVE from 7th April 2017!!! Greetings guys! We have been running the 7DTD EU-PvP Brotherhood server for some time now. And this Easter we will WIPE the vanilla server with our own XML modding to test the True Survival SDX mod! So if you like a refresh start for this ultimate Survival experience then come join our server Wiped and LIVE from 7th April 2017!!! [EU PvP] - Brotherhood True Survival SDX Connection IP: Port: 26900 Easiest way to install Mod is to download and install the 7D2D Mod Launcher at: http://7
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