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    The RNG gods have cursed me, and i can not find a builder class c fragment to save my life. I am playing single player with cheats enabled so that i can teleport if i get glitched into something. It has been 76 in game days, and i am also level 164 with a high scavenging. I have all other fragments.


    I want to give it a few more in game days before i cheat spawn myself a class c fragment. My understanding is that they like to spawn in: Shops, cars, working stiff toolboxes and utility zombies. So far i have found everything else but the builder class c fragment.


    If the RNG gods still continue to torment me, i will break down and find the idcode to spawn it in. Where would i look to find that? which xml file do i look for? I manually installed the mod via copy and pasting, i did not use the mod loader tool.


    I was on day 67 with still no tradesman class fragment © but 10+ of every other class fragment. Very annoying.

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