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  1. Hi alpha 19 should now support loading prefabs with mods. Does someone know how that works or is there already something that works?
  2. can you fix this mod Valmars Zombie Display ?
  3. Steam name: cookyman https://steamcommunity.com/id/GeSM_cooky Hours played: 2770 Started on Alpha: 8 Discord name: cookyman01#6224 Native language: German
  4. how or where can I change this or see if it is?
  5. I didn't install any server tools and yesterday I installed a completely new server and the exact same problem occurred again.
  6. Please show this thread, mre have this problem. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?140221-Server-Crash-every-5-minutes&p=1082174#post1082174
  7. I have Lucky Looter of 5 / 5 and i have read all books of Lucky looter
  8. Hi, What skill do I need to improve things with the COMBINE? It is always there: Your crafting skill only allows you to improve this item to 2
  9. Hi alloc, ich habe folgende Einstellungen getroffen: Leider zeigt er mir die map nicht an, die map bleibt einfach schwarz. Hi alloc, I have made the following settings: Unfortunately he does not show me the map, the map just stays black.
  10. Please fix the 16 k map and this micro stutter of the Multiplayergame on a Server.
  11. Hi, I noticed that the server is very CPU-heavy, can you make any improvements? Because at your alpha 16, 11 people are online and a CPU usage of 11% and the alpha 17 is 4 people online and 21% at least. Can it be looked over there again, where the CPU is eater? My server has 2 cpu, 16 cores a 2 GHz 64 GB of RAM Here is a screen:
  12. I meant with a new level of difficulty that the zombies and so much more not that I have to adjust the game itself, the server goes into the modded category. I do not want that the server goes into the modded category.
  13. Hello Fun Pimps we play on the hardest level currently and still find it a bit easy, How about a new level of difficulty, for the very tough guys.
  14. Hi StompyNz, Unfortunately I get the following error in the log: For the release of the B208 I have opened a new server and since your release of 3.0.6 is installed.
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