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  1. yes finding ure base gone in 1 out is just bad the EAC must be upgraded
  2. i totally agree with you man but you forget about heavy bugs on the game that must be fixed.. this bugs will have no effect on a PVE player 1 - underground glitch 2 - invisible player glitch ( buy get killed plus then 6 times you are going to be invisible and you will get killed ) 3 - every one can be able to hear the voice chat for trolling .. some ppl from china or russia playing songs and stay under the ground all the day and you have to disable the game sound i hope there will be an option to disable the game voice chat
  3. i ve been playing pvp in 1 year so i have a good exp in that kind of stuff thank you very much of you to take a look at the pvp players because pvp on 7 days to die is such an amazing exp i really would like the claim stones will be invisible or fix the underground glitch that can make ppl see it and take it out or make it like a trader thing you can t hit it if you are not a freind of the owner of it the gun shots must be heard lowd so we can hear ppl when they shot and making c4 or explosive things like the rocket launcher can make a good damage like rust removing the horde night is
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