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  1. Love the mod! It has something for every flavor! About 19. At least give us a cookie! What things you have to remake or redo for launch? Like we are safe to play regular 19 for a week, a month, 2 months? Also any future plans? Like the idea of late game with techs- this can be further expanded (nuclear plant, nuke, jet pack or helicopter etc). As reaching late game for veterans is quite easy but then remains the question- what now!? Start over or is there incentive to reach some kind of a goal! There are Sci-fi doors etc, there should be sci-fi blocks no? I mean when you have done all the grind, and you are on day n+ and you walking like a tank! Maybe a 4th demon essence- a black essence (!) for something ultra hard! And maybe a tool to remove those bedrock blocks(sci-fi) not just dig out the block underneath! haha
  2. Hey all! So updated to Alpha 19 and got this! What is this? Read an old post on web something about textures- lowered textures- no dice! The problem is- i can play fine with Ultra+ (now reduced to ultra) but this pops up and i CAN NOT quit the game- have to force quit. What is repaint? what setting is that? Can anyone help? Thx!
  3. zingo2

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Hey Jax! What about compatability with the Alpha 17? When it rolls out. Given the hours sunk into this patch etc. How will that work out or will there be a new patch that makes the match with 17?
  4. Alright some folks said your mod was implemented in Ravenhearst mod! This is the feedback : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod&p=812499&viewfull=1#post812499 https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod&p=813179&viewfull=1#post813179 In short: *) The call button on the elevator is really really hard to press. **) No Digits Inside or Outside the elevator car. However you have there an arrow. ***) Is there a possibility to make turbo lifts with increased speed? ****) The limitation of 9 floors is a big limit for big buildings. Is there a way to remove this limit? *****) Biggest drawback is the immense performance hit on graphics! In my game the elevator chewed almost 30 to 40fps- like that. Had to remove it to get back stable framerate. By chance is this UMA texture? Pl change it to something less resource heavy. With such a performance hit the elevator is not recommended for huge buildings. All in all I had lots of fun. Hope you make quality improvements to this mod- lots of potential!
  5. zingo2

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Another small feedback for that elevator whole thing. I could be wrong but I think its UMA or whatever its called. Frankly its a resource hog. My framerate drops by 2/3ds when looking at the elevator shaft. Now if that's really the case it means its not optimized. If the framerate drops below 20fps its gonna go bye bye. Anyone else having an fps hit when looking at the elevator? (big elevator shaft)? Update Before it was 22 to 30 fps. Now its back to 75 to 95 fps. The elevator shaft was on the right. So with a sad heart i had to remove it. It was chewing 30 to 40 fps from get go. Just by looking where your elevator shaft was was a huge fps drain! While it was very fun I would not recommend it to anyone who has a big building! - unless you running Titan card or some beefy SLI and then it could just chew your framerate! That's a big Con for the elevator.
  6. zingo2

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Hey @JaxTeller718 My feedback and suggestion on elevators! Kudos on coding and sprite/ texture stuff. In my experience your elevators work as in how they should perform in game! Splendid! However there are a few aspects need more loving!: This button is really really hard to press. Even when you equip bare hands its "quirky" to say the least! Can you make the hitbox a tad' larger? Pressing this button with a tool or equipped block in your hand would be a bonus! It would be nice if this would display an actual number! Like you already have a nice arrow there! Add a number there too! Same goes for inside. Ohh how about adding to car ceiling some discrete lights? If its hard to do then ok but some Leds would be nice- that comfy feeling! Maybe even that funny elevator music! ) when it goes up or down! Lastly. Well have you got anything faster? A Turbo/ Express lift comes to mind. Also there is a limit of 9 floors- Is it possible to increase it? As you can see i have 32 floors so In current mechanic I'll have to divide the shaft. That could be a problem to my OCD lol! All in all great work- loving this feature! Lots of future potential!
  7. I believe this is caused by the mod itself. It should be a 1x time thing only. Not sure whats causing it- probably library loading etc To resolve this best bet is to hover over settings or whatever and wait to click. Once you get further your fps should return to normal. (at least that's how it works for me) If this workaround does not work for you then its something else.
  8. Yep- HD Nailgun only. Build it yourself(with perk)- buy it from trader or find it- a very rare loot. Keep in mind Tungsten blocks have reduced SI stability (12 from 16)! Keep that in mind when upgrading your existing base.
  9. Mine averages at 24GB of ram- did post it some threads back. If you happen to build a house near water or in the water- that extra calculations will add more to it. Also big cities with custom POIs can chew ram. If you have Ram problems lower overall settings- itll help a bit. This is a huge mod- no easy solutions for now.
  10. Hello Funkinstein! Are you co-Author for the Walkers mod? Or is this your personal answer? Things like these need instant response not a delay of couple months don't you agree? Also this information should be in google docs. Will you update it? Im sorry, I was under the impression there is 1 mod Author. If there are more could you let us know to what people we can address the found bugs or confirmation what is a bug and what is by design?! People here and newcomers would appreciate that! Also My impression- i could be wrong- is the original mod Author has stopped talking to community or give any feedback. Except maybe on Discord/ Twitter - thats my guess ofc.
  11. Hey hey Its all good and good job! Question! Do you read what forummembers post here? What about those many bugs many of us have posted here? Some are 4 weeks old- for example +3 bedrock? Let us know the answer to that as for now posting bugs here is kinda pointless. If the only means to contact you is via skype or discord- let us know that as well as you do not answer to any mails sent to you. K Thx for the update and have a nice day!
  12. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/166775-ram-pricewatch-memory-spikes-in-wake-of-hynix-fire-but-for-how-long Hynix fire happened On September 4 2013, that was 5 years ago! Current 3x and 4x price spike is caused by shear complexity: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3409756/ram-prices-drop.html
  13. Mmmm okey. Got a new bug- not listing to main bugs but the deal is: My single game converted to Multiplayer game! I got to around 40 or 50ish days and then it started counting from 0. Now this might not be mod specific but as this "was" Single player War of the Walkers mod play session- it now is Single player Private Multiplayer game! Any help in converting back to Single player is highly appreciated! Not that it is needed(As i am the only one who can access it) but still. I've read there is a hex thing to convert it back- is that still a thing in Alpha 16? Update: The Hex thing still works. 06- Single Player 07- Multiplayer
  14. Still waiting on mod Author to address the bugs found. Some may not be bugs but only he knows whats what.
  15. @dwallorde Moved this thread down the line- updating as we go! I'm gonna list bugs as i find them(update this post): V5.2.1 B108 BUGS>> * Bedrock at level +3 instead of -57. * Frozen Larry (Zombie) missing texture * NPC with the black jacket and golden Machete causing Null Reference * Traders do not start exactly at 6:00am (6:05) nor do they end precisely at 10:00pm(9:55) * Skill "Mechanic" is highlighted in the skill tab despite it needs further unlocking by character level. It should be greyed out. * Lockpicks(door) still not working * "TEST" code leftovers in crafting system. * Can not recycle Class papers * Wonky Tungsten upgrade and usage mechanics- Refer to this thread: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?53190-War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-(Overhaul)&p=778992&viewfull=1#post778992 * The Nuclear Plant POI (a rare POI afaik) has radiation blocks but no actual radiation! * Only HD Nailgun is able to upgrade blocks to Tungsten. If its by design please add description saying so or remove the reference from all other upgrade tools as they are showing red X when trying to further upgrade. * Xtra size storage box has only 90 slots instead of 100 * Ak-47 7.62mm hollow point bullets can not load. It shares same bullets with M25 and Sniper Rifle. * First time mod launch- slow response(1fps + massive delay). Force game shutdown and restart resolves the issue or getting into any menu screen * Skill "Covert Treasure Hunting" with a radius of 3 not applying(not working) * Tungsten tools are not scrappable(intended?) only dropable * Shotgun Incendiary Slugs do not show combined damage(slug+burn effect) therefore one would pick green slugs as they show the higher damage. * Typo past Legacy item "Wood Working Workbench" its actually builders workbench * Ramp corner is not upgradeable to Tungsten. Polish steel is max. + Also missing Tungsten ramp corner block. * Tungsten ramp frame. There are 2 rotations in advanced setting where the block is the same but textures missmatch. Either choose rugged or clean face.
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