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  1. Whoops! I can't believe this! Talk about feeling like a complete idiot! I mean I was 1000% positive that I had the resolution set at 4K for those first few days. I went back and forth on a lot of settings though when I first got the game because I was seemingly locked at 30 FPS no matter what resoltion or graphical preset I used. It turned out to be an issue with a setting in my GPU control panel that needed changing. As far as being in 1080P instead of 4K like I thought, the only thing I can figure is I changed it to 4K when I was trying to get the original 30 FPS issue worked out but forgot to apply the setting. Or maybe I did apply it and it just didn't take? Seems unlikely. Or maybe it changed itself somehow? Nah, I'm probably just getting a little senile in my advancing age! I don't know. I am actually perfectly satisfied with 60FPS at 1080P though, I was just afraid there was a problem with my new PC. So I guess I'll just chalk this up as lesson learned and move on. Thanks for the help q123 and Fox! I really appreciate it!
  2. Got the game on Steam 4 days ago and have been playing it on my new desktop PC with the following specs: Windows 10 Home Intel 9th Generation i7-9700F 3.0 GHZ 8 Core Processor with 4.7 GHZ Turbo Boost Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 TI 6 GB Ram 16 GB Ram 240 GB SSD I have been running the game on all Ultra Settings with only Motion Blur and Sunshafts off and at 4K resolution. With these settings my FPS alternates between 58 and 60 FPS, getting 60 FPS probably 99% of the time. At least it did until this morning. After launching the game today I now get 22-25 FPS on the same settings. To get back to 60 FPS on Ultra settings I now have to set the resolution to 1080P, and even then it drops to the mid 30s occasionally, which it never did before this morning. There were absolutely no changes made to the in-game settings or, to the best of my knowledge, any PC settings between my last session where I was getting a steady 60 FPS on Ultra settings at 4K resolution and this morning when it's dropped to 22-25 FPS on the same settings. There were also no updates to Windows, any drivers or any other windows programs during that time frame either. I've spent hours researching this and I'm completely stumped. Other pertinent info: Single Player No Mods The problem occurs in all save games created prior to the drop and any new game on random gen, pregens or Navezgane created after the drop. Validating Steam files didn't help. I've attached 2 output logs to this post. One from the last day I was getting 60 FPS(6-20) and the next day when I randomly dropped to approximately 25 FPS for seemingly no reason (6-21.) output_log__2020-06-20__18-32-12 - Copy.txt output_log__2020-06-21__14-00-08 - Copy.txt
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