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  1. So you actually do think you are a special kid. Amusing. Anyways, TFP have done a great job so far. They gave me their first alpha build after paying them for it. They quickly fixed some very horrible bugs, and that annoy error console popping up in patch 1.1. As I've tinkered with the UE3 from time to time, I have an idea on how long it takes to develop games and the difficulties entailed in development, and have enjoyed the knowledge that TFP is hard at working making alpha 2 and beyond. Nothing I can be upset about since I've been getting exactly what i payed money for. It's nice to know TFP will continue to provide me with the game they showcased, since I've been involved with fiasco's like The War Z where development was absolutely terrible. I agree with many others, keep up the good work TFP, you've done an amazing job so far.
  2. Sweet jesus temeriki. Hoping onto other threads and posting your same QQ? How about you stop making repeat posts and grow up. Life doesn't revolve around you misplaced "entitlements".
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