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  1. Rather than edit each source of XP in the XML files, you can just make a new skill that is automatically applied (you don't need to level it up) which gives you an XP modifier for most things. I used it in A16 and it worked quite well.
  2. Look up what model CPU and GPU you have. You've told us the brand, but for example a GTX 1030 will perform far worse than a GTX 1080, etc.
  3. Hmm, I get 700 xp for a weak zombie. It takes me about 3-4 seconds to kill one with my club so I don't see myself getting xp faster any other way.
  4. I've probably played 6-7 hours now with a few friends. I'm enjoying the game a lot -- it's challenging, the new skill system is very good. I feel somewhat stuck that I can't yet build a forge. I need intellect level 4 which requires level 20 and I'm only at level 10 or 11 now -- I have killed around 100 zombies and my party members around 120 all together. I kind of feel that in order to progress I need to grind zombies for a while to get xp. I wanted to grow a farm since I have found that food is more scarce, however until I can make a forge I can't make an iron hoe to make the fertile
  5. I disagree. It's so easy to mod you can tweak the difficulty however you like. Your strength, zombies' strength, resources, block strength, etc. And much more. One of 7D's strengths is that it is so easily (and heavily) moddable, you can make it as easy or difficult as you like.
  6. Man getting so amped for this hahaha! So excited to see all the changes and improvements -- graphics, skill system, new vehicles... Hoping for some performance improvements as well so I can get a bit higher FPS.
  7. Will do! Thanks. Would be cool I reckon (perhaps unnecessary) if you could have settings in the menu for the types of ailments you can get. I.E., turn broken legs on or off, different sicknesses, etc.
  8. Is it possible to mod out broken legs? Those things aggravate me more than anything lol.
  9. Zombies could just have a decay effect on them.
  10. Will there be a perk that reduces encumbrance from armour?
  11. I'm gaming at 3440x1440, so the RX 480 isn't quite up to task. Are you monitoring GPU usage with GPU-Z or something similar? It's possibly a bottleneck, do you find your CPU usage capped out at 100% when playing?
  12. I can't imagine that 7D only uses one core. I'm sure I've seen more than one core in use when playing it...
  13. In your case, but how much the GPU is used is going to depend on your CPU, GPU, Resolution and individual graphic settings. I.E., my RX 480 which is stronger than the 1050 is completely maxed when I play on lowest settings due to my resolution. Throw path finding onto the GPU as well and my frame rate will drop from its already low 45-50 FPS.
  14. You could have it so you just lose XP (and it can go into the negative). Say you're level 1 with 700 xp and you need 1k xp for level 2, then you die dropping you back to 200xp. Die again, -300xp. You now need 1.3k XP to level 2. You could have the amount scale with level. Would certainly give you a good reason to avoid dying at all costs. Could be annoying, too. An option to turn this on and off would be good.
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