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  1. Yes...but... Radiators, candlesticks, doorknobs and taps when fed into a forge directly give MORE brass than their scrapped equivalent. Whilst I am one for optimising my inventory and bag space when playing brass is such a important resource to NOT remove these items from the game or reduce them all to 'scrap'.
  2. Employ an eager child or willing partner to the mix - my 'better' half got me in to this game and being the OCD Queen I am I generally am in charge of storage organisation and crafting...he mines/bulids/protects the base, I hunt and gather for food and resources. I think the most forges we've had was 6 (2 of which were dedicated cement producers) and we do some pretty big builds on our playthroughs.
  3. Apologies if in the wrong section...it's been a while since I've looked at the forums and I cannot seem to find where to look at the current build 'fixes' or known errors. However, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a potential oversight that we experienced last night. We are playing a locally hosted multiplayer game and just experienced our first horde night. As a result we've ended up with a number of injuries, one being a broken arm. Now whilst it is healing with a split, we are unable to repair, or upgrade our base in preparation for the next horde night without losing health, but are able to mine quite happily. We believe that the 'detrimental' affect is linked to the power attack function as power attack mining also causes us to lose health. However with repairing and upgrading, this isn't a 'power attack' of sorts so wondering if this was an oversight on TFP's part or intended as an additional punishment for allowing yourself to get injured? Again, apologies if not the right area...just not 100% sure where else to post.
  4. There are mods/additional parts to the game not developed by The Fun Pimps that allow such things. The base game (whilst I agree would be awesome with some of these features) is not designed for that. As a fellow cultivator/gardener/cook/gatherer kind of player (my partner too is the killer/protector type) I wanted to let you know that mods like this do exist, but probably won't ever make it into the 'core' gameplay of vanilla - it is just the reality of the situation. But, don't feel too disheartened - like I said there are a swathe of uber talented/dedicated members of this community who take some of these crazy ideas and put the code in to facilitate it. Once you are comfortable with the mechanics of the base game, I recommend you try some of the mods to satisfy your curiosity. ^_^
  5. We've had football players on our A19 exp run...maybe you just haven't found them yet
  6. Not for long...they are being remade as 'party girls' 😛
  7. Like Rick just did on Prime's stream...there's a clip and everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I generally have gardening high, but that's cos that's what I do. Cooking however you get so many schematics and books you really don't need Master Chef - I think I only take rank 1 just to get bacon and eggs early.
  8. can confirm - I only have 1 of these (Gardening) by default in this play through although would normally also have Better Barter (this is being done by another member of the team). There is nothing else I need except maybe Daring Adventurer later in the game but certainly NOT mandatory.
  9. Either put the rest of us out of our misery under a spoiler tag, or don't tease us with these little things 😛
  10. Intended...that has always been the case (since A15 or so when you could pickup placed workstations) if you wanted to move a forge that you had to empty it of materials first or accept that they are lost.
  11. This is not a new thing - A17/18 had it too. A relog usually fixes. It's possibly an issue with graphics drivers or something.
  12. only if we can also tone down the steel knuckles to something a little less resembling "10 Swiss army knives filling my screen" making it impossible to see, let alone hit my enemy.
  13. There are always two kinds of stealth...one where no one is alerted to your presence, and one where no one is alive to raise the alarm. You don't have to be all 'sneaky sneak' to benefit from stealth perks. 3.5x damage multiplier on crouch shots at an incoming herd at range, HELL YES. Also the comments that @MechanicalLens and @Phoenixshade35 have already made.
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