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  1. I believe you just need to wire camera to camera to door with nothing between the two cameras.
  2. I joined 7dtd in a15 also, and i have never been able to upgrade iron bars to either concrete (concrete bars??) or steel in vanilla. Some mods allow steel upgrades though.
  3. Many features (vehicles, larger storage, etc) benefit the player, while you could say also is an excuse to be "lazy". I do like quality of life improvements, although personally i can enjoy the game without them. The lockable slots are a nice addition in the overhaul mods i play, but i don't use modlets to add them to my vanilla games, although i certainly could. From what i recall, they haven't been added to the vanilla game because they haven't been completely bug tested and such. I hope they are added into vanilla game play at some point, but i am quite content to wait for it.
  4. By not in vanilla, i meant not enabled in vanilla. I'm aware that they are in the code but not enabled, and that the mods that have lockable slots are using tfp code.
  5. Lockable slots are not in vanilla. All the sort buttons are, but not the lockable slots.
  6. I think the recipe was removed with the last update when they made most storage able to be picked up and brought home. rather than destroying the cardboard boxes to get cardboard to make cardboard boxes, you now just pick up the cardboard boxes ( and many other world storage containers) and take them home.
  7. For me, there is a green banner at the top of every page labeled "Reporting bugs for pc version".
  8. Most of the issues i have seen posted regarding lcb "bugs" were not bugs. The issues i have seen reported are lcbs not preventing screamers and blood moon hordes from spawning in their base (they have no affect on either of those). And related to that actually are when people take over large pois that the lcb does not completely cover. If you take over a large poi and are standing near one edge of it, zombies spawn 30ish blocks away from THE PLAYERS. That means you will have blood moon zombies spawn inside your base if the farther edges are more that 30 blocks from where you are standing. And if your land claim block does not cover the entire poi, you will get sleeper respawns, at least in the areas outside the lcb boundaries. If you keep those things in mind when choosing a poi to reinforce and/or while building your defenses, you will be fine. Plus, if you are interested OP, there is a mod in the modding subforum that prevents sleeper respawn completely once they are cleared.
  9. I can't answer this poll. I'll use a stone ax until i have 3 in sex rex and a supply of coffee. If i am not investing in strength, i'll use the stone axe until i get an auger. Other games, i'll move on to iron by the end of week 1 and steel asap. With tools, i use whatever means i am not standing around waiting for stamina to regen, which varies game by game.
  10. If you have never installed any mods, you don't need to delete the mods folder. However, even if you just installed one mod long ago, delete that folder too.
  11. When you click start on 7dtd on your steam games list, a box comes up with two choices; start the game or open the launcher. Choose open launcher. Go to tools, then clean data. Check every box, making sure to check the box that says clean ALL old maps, not just maps played in the last 30 days. Once the launcher clean is done, delete your mods folder. You should now have a clean install.
  12. I would die day one for sure. My son says that to increase the chances of him, my daughter, and my grandchildren's survivability that if the zombie apocalypse happens, his first step will be to give me mercy. A disabled grandmother is too likely to get others killed. I love my kids.
  13. If i remember right, there is a known vanilla bug where any land claim blocks after the first one do not prevent respawns. They just allow workstation pick up. You could go back to your other land claim blocks and destroy them, so your only land claim block is in your new base. Then just to be safe, destroy and replace that one. If i am correct, you will no linger get respawns.
  14. Loot abundance. It doesn't affect what shows up in loot, just how many stackable items you find. Setting it above 100% is what leads to getting 2 schematics/books/recipes in loot.
  15. For your second request, turn loot percent to 100% or less in the options before you start your game. Loot percent chance affects how many of stackable items you find. Schematics are stackable, so if you choose 200% loot you get 2.
  16. If you have already learned a book or recipe, there is an open book icon on it. If you have not learned it, there is a closed book.
  17. What you are mining with the auger makes a big difference in how likely screamers are to spawn. Mining metal is the culprit. You will get a lot of screamers if you are doing a big iron mining session. If you are just mining stone you won't see nearly as many screamers.
  18. Why does the hunter also have to be the cook? Many miners back in the day worked their claims solo or duo, and definitely did their own cooking. Since your miner has to invest in strength anyways, he should definitely be the cook and you can justify that even from a role-playing perspective. Your hunter would need investment in both fortitude and perception if he wanted both animal tracker and huntsman, true. And he should be the one tending the farm since lotl is in fortitude already. No reason for agility though, as your scavenger could loot improved knives and if you have an int-focused player they should have no problems buying much better knives from the trader. As for int being useless in a group setting, i strongly disagree. Others have mentioned the base defenses, which more than make up for his personal decreased killing potential. He also can craft those things faster and using less resources. Better barter 4 unlocks the chance for crucibles to appear in the traders' secret stash. I personally have never gone 2 trader resets at bb4 without getting offered a crucible. He can also sell things for much more and buy things for much less. It also improves both the tier and quality of weapons/tools/armor offered in the secret stash. And if you do quests, daring adventurer is amazing once fully perked.
  19. Even if you have cheatmode disabled, you can use both cm and dm in the console.
  20. What you are seeing is the zombie rage mode. Whenever you hit a zombie, there is a % chance that it will go into rage mode and start running towards you. If you keep hitting it while in rage mode, it can go into a super rage mode that lasts longer and i believe hits harder. The % chance of this happening is based upon the difficulty setting you choose and has no relation to the zombie speed you set. The easiest difficulty level has 0% chance of rage mode, and each increase in difficulty increases the chance of zombie rage occurring.
  21. unless i am remembering completely wrong, you can start steam in offline mode.
  22. My internet was out for a couple hours the other night. I was still able to click the button to play offline. I did have to restart steam for the button to turn on though.
  23. The log spikes are no longer available in vanilla, so i am assuming that is a modded server. For anyone playing vanilla, don't bother looking in the shapes menu. They are not available unless modded in or maybe grabbed from creative menu.
  24. Post logs, validate your files, wipe all the things. That's all i have for you. good luck.
  25. Just to clarify, you actually generated the map 6 days ago and did not just start a new game 6 days ago? Some people seem to think starting a new game is the same thing as generating a new map. If this is a freshly generated map, you should definitely post logs. I reply to this topic all the time on the steam forums. 100% of the time so far, anyone who cleaned old map data using the launcher had their issue fixed because they were using an old map. You could try cleaning via the launcher if nothing else works for you, even if it is a freshly generated map.
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