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  1. I know you have been around for a long time, so forgive the answer if you are just joking. Opt out of all betas to play the stable branch. The list under properties is for all versions EXCEPT the current stable.
  2. So have zombies behave like boars? Sounds like it should be doable. If not, i am almost positive that you could change the damage they do per hit to 1.
  3. I haven' heard of this bug. If it is very rare like you say, it is possible no one reported it on the official forums if you did not. Therefore i hope you did indeed fill out a bug report on the official forums. If it is not reported there, it will not be fixed since they won't know about it.
  4. I believe you have to turn occlusion off on the main menu before you load into the game. It is definitely not locked on. I just think it is one of the settings you can't turn off once you have loaded into the game.
  5. The only good zombie is a dead zombie.
  6. Ummm.... unless i am badly mistaken, r opens the pie menu, not e. Try using r?
  7. The starter quest will send you to the nearest trader in the forest biome. That's why you get the no trader glitch when there is no forest biome trader. I believe you can edit that quest so that it can send you to a wasteland trader if it is important to you.
  8. no. pc and console are completely different versions of the game and are not compatible at all.
  9. You paint blocks, using a paintbrush and paint. Paintbrush is an easy craft if you don't find one. paint can be crafted in the chem station, but scrapping dyes is the easy way for me unless i need a ton of it. While having the paintbrush equipped, hold r.
  10. There is no way they can update console to a19. xbox and playstation do not allow updates that break old saves. even on pc, major updates break old saves. since updating consoles would break all old saves, it can't happen.
  11. you might want to post this question in the warezuk thread where the mod author will see it and perhaps have a response. this is not a vanilla issue i have seen posted about.
  12. I think what Jugginator is saying is to remove ALL of your mods and add them back in one at a time until you find the one(s) causing problems.
  13. smelt dukes. do quests and smelt the dukes you get for quest reward and selling loot.
  14. vr is one of the kickstarter goals. It won't be put in until the game is done or late beta though.
  15. The reason int is different is because they can use both their ranged weapon and an unperked ranged weapon AT THE SAME TIME. No other tree can do that. I personally like the fact that a heavily int focused build plays very differently from other builds. When i play any other attribute, i use the weapons from other trees much more rarely because i have to choose between my weapon and unperked weapons from other trees. It is not just int weapons i don't want. Actually int weapons are the one from other trees that i use most (sledge/junk turrets). As for other trees' melee weapons, the only time i use them unperked is very early game if i am going int (because you can't craft a stun baton early).
  16. Are you by chance on version 19.5 and trying to play the stable version? Stable version is 19.4. experimental version is 19.5.
  17. There is no scientist class in vanilla. You should check the modding subforum and post in the thread for the mod you are playing. The mod authors tend to respond very quickly and are the ones who know how to fix problems with their mods.
  18. To get 19.5 (the current stable build) you need to opt out of all betas under the properties tab. The versions under properties are outdated and experimental. The stable version is always opt out of all betas.
  19. Did you use the same map and name your game the same? If i recall correctly, i have read that if you do that, you not only spawn in the exact same spot, but the loot in the containers around you are exactly the same.
  20. Just at the start of the pandemic, i bought a pre-built msi gaming computer for $1600 that has worked beautifully for me. i7 9700 with an nvidea geforce rtx 2070
  21. You do know that you can share your quests with friends, and if they accept the quest and do it with you, you both get exp and quest rewards, right? This has been in the game for a long time.
  22. Int tree by design encourages the use of guns outside of the int tree. Why would you rely on only turrets and stun batons when you lose no advantages by also using an ak or shotgun or w/e. Since the int tree ranged weapon is the turrets, which can be placed, it is obvious to me that you are also supposed to use the non-perked or minimally perked gun of choice from the other trees. Not doing so seems stupid to me. As for no traps, traps are in the int tree. You should definitely be making use of your ability to make them cheap and obtain some experience from their kills. You are setting up arbitrary restrictions for no real reason that i can see. When you test strength builds, do you disallow the use of concrete since you get that by mining?
  23. I had something similar when i tried to load into the stable ul version while i was on 19.5. If your game is updated to 19.5 you have to play the experimental version of ul, or roll back to 19.4.
  24. If you post in the war3zuk mod thread in the modding subforum, the mod author will probably respond and give you a definitive answer. Most of the overhaul mod creators repond several times a day to people who have questions or problems with their mod.
  25. Lol, i have a background in the medical field. When i first started reading the thread, the only thing cp could stand for that i thought of was cerebral palsy. I assumed the op was advocating for the disabled. I had never seen cp used as an abbreviation for child porn. My son cringed when i told him the story. He immediately thought child porn as well. It probably depends on which social groups you are a member of. Personally, i don't think the association between cp and child porn is so widespread that it needs to be changed. Just don't get triggered by everything you read or type and everything will be ok.
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