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  1. Out of the blue: Spotlights still project light through blocks. Armor progression doesn't feel right for crafting. Lower tier level 6 armor should be obtained before max X and max X. Mods have always been more important than the other benefits. Only being able to craft level 6 leather when I can craft level 6 military armor may be something to look at? Just an observation. Plz don't rake me over the coals.
  2. This is prolly a dumb idea, it may require to many things. What if the farming perk included husbandry. Grow and protect your garden and livestock. It could serve as an excuse for bandit attacks including a larger heat map for fat zeds who even in death crave hamburger. Maybe even script bandits with the ability to steal crops and seeds. Looking forward to bandits. Looking forward to a new dynamic. Maybe, bandits send out a scout first to potential player base. Maybe they graffiti a few walls, marking their target, before heading back to their camp to devise an attack plan. Maybe, i
  3. !!!!! Very excited for this. ^^ Randomly, vultures are annoying... even on a motorcycle they follow you for miles. Rabdomly, managed to get a motorcycle by level 6. Got lucky finding a chasiss and crucible in loot since the closest trader was 3k away. Anomolyrab, would it be possible to link town,street, and trader code so there is at least 1 trader between towns instead of the clustering habit? It's not a big deal. It's just a little frustrating multiplayer when you spawn 3-4k away from everyone and the closest trader is 3-4k away but there are 3 more within 2k of each other and fart
  4. Makes sense but, mining is mining even if it's a poi. I just think parts should be smeltable. Also, the descriptions for level 2 and 3 on demolitions expert are flipped/backwards. TNT unlocks grenades and Explosives unlocks TNT.
  5. So bare with me for a second. Game balancing. Could parts be smelted? Currently they can't. It's difficult to make a non-int build and make a base even with the trader and schematics. I'm attempting a perception build and base building without mining. I'm relying on the traders inventory. I'm level 55, it's day 31, on warrior setting with exp at 200%. I haven't been able to "finish" my base/fighting patform or participate in a BM other than hiding on a roof. While I'm glad traders have cement mix, across 4 traders it simply isn't enough. The duke cost is also a problem. Early, I
  6. I'd have to agree with MM, in fact I'd like to see Nitrate or Coal only in the snow biome. Being a forest dweller it forces me to go outside of my comfort zone and change my shirt and pants.
  7. I think I'm starting to understand the disconnect people are having with skill trees. Some are used to the old style mage,theif,cleric style skill building where the specialization seems to follow an organic flow. The current system is more of a realistic approach where mining requires strength and crafting requires intelligence. Rather than re-inventing the wheel; wouldn't it be easier to split it into game modes like fantasy vs. realism or perhaps just a mod. It would allow for testing although under the current system a re-organization could go either way; desirable or OP. Just a though
  8. @Axebeard I should have specified in regards to sleeper zeds. It just doesn't seem to matter if you get to close to them but, maybe that has changed recently.
  9. The difference between Steel and Military @ skill lvl 5 and improved fittings armor rating 16% mobility 17.7% Noise, not improved by specs: Military=50% Steel=100% only muffled fittings changes this so you're still 50% loud in light armor. In my personal opinion these numbers are not a very good difference between light and heavy armor in the sense of choosing one over the other.
  10. @jwagne51 True however, spec-ing into heavy armor does the same thing. It's a bit of a moot point. Heavy armor spec-ing shouldn't give more mobility but rather more protection. Being sneaky doesn't really work right now so that's a bit moot as well. Doesn't matter if you're wearing light or heavy. Zeds wake up the same and stay asleep the same regardless.
  11. Blunderbuss is finally useful early game. It can really save your keester below level 5 if you are able to make one and ammo. I just wish it was more of a one shot kill considering the resource cost early game and if you miss due to being in their face, the concequences for missing is a bandage or more. (auto shotty is totally needed for top teir shotty) I don't understand the whining about vehicle breakdowns. Repair kits are cheap and vets keep 10+ on them at all times. *random thought* I love the legendary item thing. I get bored around level 55. Part of the problem is leveling is ter
  12. Is yukka smoothies supposed to warm you up? They are made with snowballs. There's no drink currently (that I'm aware of) that cools you down. Shouldn't there be at least 1 drink that cools you down for desert excursions? Are trip wires working as intended? I can't seem to series them together. I can, they just don't seem to trigger properly. I wouldn't care but, 5x1 pressure plates lag me out so bad it's hard to decide between lag or low probability of triggering. On the resource front: I only spend 1-2 game hours repairing after a night 7 even at level 50+. Design is everything. After
  13. oooh yeah, and rescue the researcher working on the virus stuck in the bottom of a military poi or bring the trader random items to help the zombies without borders fund such as 3 pistols a stack of sham and boiled water or 50 iron ingots for struggling dwarven miners.
  14. Tier one schematics should just be removed completely. Finding a boiled meat schematic or a pistol schematic is just clown car. Anything 1 skill point allows creation of should just go bye bye and encourage taking that skill thus, increasing drop rates for other schems. Logically, what is someone going to do with a pistol schematic that has no skill. Not build them and sell to the trader that's for sure. The parts are worth more than the pistol.
  15. oops, makes sense, I should have been que'd by the other biome specific animals...however, not driving 5k+ on my current map to find desert just to complete bought the farm. When I mentioned "bat parts?" I should have included spear and sledge. Shouldn't need parts for these weapons. I do however really like repair kits for everything. It's a huge pain at low level. However, it's better than random repair items for everything.
  16. I'd have to agree the rotten meat for farm plots is a little excessive. Maybe switch it to hay bails instead; I mean I know people who directly plant into hay bails IRL but, I personally only bury 1 fish for tomatoes and I don't really need to do that. I don't think trip wires are working the way they used to. I used to set up multiple and wire them together to increase the activation area. The first wire doesn't seem to follow through to the others like it did in the past. I could probably just make a web instead but, blech. I'd also have to agree level 5 in any skill isn't really wor
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