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  1. An addition and a code of changed Vanilla prefablist are these. addition house_modern_15,USED,2,-4,31,18,46,houses house_modern_16,USED,2,-5,35,16,55,houses house_modern_17,USED,2,-4,28,19,41,houses remnant_house_13,USED,2,-1,23,16,46,houses bombshelter_01,USED,2,-13,25,34,47,downtown;smalltown changed utility_celltower_02,USED,2,-1,22,59,26,alone;industrial
  2. In unskillful English, excuse me. It's a very good POI, but the Tier of Quest is 1. Very severe Even nitrogen could take it out by this prefablist.txt cord. Zug1,USED,2,-18,142,27,29,industrial;downtown
  3. I used habitually from time of a10. most best: xcostum_AltenburgCastle(by_Horst) xcostum_Bunker(by_Pille) xcostum_Cave1(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) xcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) most worst: xcostum_pistol_gunshop(by_magoli)(because very outdated) xcostum_Nuket0wn(by_Limodor)(because very outdated) xcostum_strandresort(by_magoli)(because very outdated) xcostum_TheSect_Followers-of-M(by_magoli)(because very outdated) xcostum_WulftownA(by_WereWulfen)(because very outdated) xcostum_WulftownCD(by_WereWulfen)(because
  4. I'm poor at the explanation, excuse me. xcostum_airport2(by_ouch) QuestTags clear,fetch,hidden_cache There is a rally marker, I think hidden_cache isn't installed.
  5. It doesn't seem that bombshelter_01 is introduced to random generation with vanilla. prefablist.txt code bombshelter_01,USED,2,-13,25,34,47,downtown;smalltown
  6. A new building was added in b173. To want to add the building right now prefablist.txt Please add below. house_modern_16,USED,2,-5,35,16,55,houses
  7. Hello,Magoli It'll be reported. xcostum_airport2(by_ouch) =Quest Loot= Random Helper It couldn't be found.
  8. house_modern_15 is added in b167. prefablist.txt code is house_modern_15,USED,2,-4,31,18,46,houses
  9. I'm always thankful for your work. I can't speak English so much, so I say a point. xcostum_LMART_RoadHouse(byStallionsden) For Rally Marker don't have it.
  10. It is totally cool MOD like Honda Valkyrie Rune By the way, the indication order of the map icon changes with α 19 <property name="MapIcon" value="ui_game_symbol_motorcycle"/> <property name="NavObject" value="motorcycle" /> I think that these two are necessary I'm sorry for my clumsy English.
  11. sorry As I am poor at English, it becomes the funny words compopack xvanilla_settlement_trader_0x As I do not give a response in the quest of the new method Therefore these xvanilla_settlement_trader_04 → trader_bob xvanilla_settlement_trader_02 → trader_joel xvanilla_settlement_trader_03 → trader_jen xvanilla_settlement_trader_01 → trader_rekt xvanilla_settlement_trader_05 → trader_hugh it to transfer it
  12. When it's hit in the water, what happens? Do you sink a little? As the ground, is it how to feel like having a pain?
  13. "SlumsHub" Overlap Sorry. I am not good at English. seed 2224 original http://i.imgur.com/ZmhLfVm.jpg compopack_24 http://i.imgur.com/l4igpGM.jpg Random Gen World Previewer http://i.imgur.com/LzGDNoX.jpg
  14. I found a mistake "SlumsHub" xcostum_SlumsA,B Overlying 28block
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