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  1. Any chance for making it a DMT Mod, So we can enjoy playing this with other Game Modifications which alters the Assembly-csharp.dll file.
  2. How to increase player storage, Storage expansion mods doesn't seem to work -_- and also tried changing the values with what i know..., Not showing any intended output so i came here for help, Love to hear from the community thanks.
  3. Headshot Multipliers broken link
  4. Hmm... your seed got me 5 traders within a short period, maybe i should stop mashing my keyboard when it asks for seed name, anyways ty guys appreciate your help.
  5. Tysm guys will definitely try and reply back.
  6. i'd be happy if i had 3 or 4 traders but a single trader in each seed is kinda annoying, can you tell me your seed.
  7. Trader Spawn Issue The thing is i can only find a single trader and some destroyed settlements with no traders in every seed i've tested so far. I concluded this after hours of exploration in my mini bike and using cheats to make sure i didn't miss any traders, i would be grateful if someone could help me with this issue.
  8. Just a quick question, don't know if it's right or wrong to ask but is there any way to merge the UI from Undead Legacy with this mod, gotta admit i'm in love with that UI if anyone could help me figure it out i can't say anything but you got my heartfelt thanks P.S. I'm scratching my head right now trying to merge this mod and i don't know much about modding just a basic here
  9. thank you man, now time for BLIND ZOMBIES ahahaha
  10. Umm... any ways to adjust zombie sight distance to my taste? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the reply man i was thinking about upgrading my ram now i'll consider doing it before reporting any issues.
  12. Uh... just wanted to say something, the game takes almost 8 - 13 mins to load and takes like 5 mins to exit. I love everything in this game i came from valmod and was amazed by the amount of work you put into this mod thank you for this wonderful mod, and regarding the gameplay i experience micro stutter like for every single minute or two the stutter was not like a millisecond but 1 - 3 secs and i always get killed when it happens in a moment of extreme survival yep so annoying. Zombie sight distance seems to have increased they can spot me from very long distance and night time sight distanc
  13. Suhail75

    A16 Valmod Pack

    @grrmisfit You have made the UI changes to Valmod's previous Version Valmod-Overhaul-Experimental-Master and the current version comes with some changes as i go through it and it is named as Valmod-Overhaul-Master, verify it yourself maybe i was wrong, so confusing without any numbers
  14. Suhail75

    True Survival

    Need Offline Version Please provide offline version of Windows.xml and images, cause I usually play offline with my tweaks and modifications, could you please do the offline version so I can play with the beautiful UI please.....
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