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  1. Updated Prison Screenshots... Most Immersive Version Ever.
  2. Pretty cool build Kam! Glad to see you around again.
  3. In my experience, when I try to chase and kill them with a blunderbuss you definitely turn into Elmer Fudd....lol
  4. I asked Rick in one of the A19 dev streams and he seemed open to the idea. The question is when is the best time for something like that.
  5. Just looking at it a different way but maybe its possible to get degradation back by getting rid of field repairs all together and replacing it with a pseduo repair/combine feature at the work bench. Recipe: weapon + parts = random durability weapon back to player. Perks can be created to modify the amount of durability you get back. Perk lvl1 - 50 to 100 durability Lvl2 - 100 to 150 durability Lvl3 - 150 to 200 durability
  6. So your saying Madmole is like your wife? ... 😅😅😅
  7. Unless weapon durability is so piss poor the player has to change out mods every battle or so i doubt its really that big of a deal.... Altho I remember many alphas ago there was a time an SMG would break so fast it was a royal pain to upkeep lol...Like 1 or 2 full mags and it was repair time....
  8. item degradation would probably change the game from a 30 to 40 hour affair to to a 60 to 80 hour affair which is fine if we were at gold right now but given the devs want to add more content to the game, they are probably hesitant to reintroduce something that will take away player time from experiencing all of the content they have planned. Believe it or not, there is a saturation point for some players and it appears the dev's are laser focused on squeezing their full offerring into that window before they expand on any existing system that is already in the game. (just a guess)
  9. Or we can take a page out of the devs book and reduce resource costs based on perk levels. This would only work though if the number of materials for repairs increased. (e.g. if it took parts for repairs instead of kits). For example, unperked it would cost 10 rifle parts to repair a rifle. Perked it would only take 5. This doesn't fix the issue with having no permanent degradation, but it does extend the looting game by adding more upkeep to higher tier weapons.
  10. That sounds interesting, would add more value to the perks.
  11. It can add a ton of depth if done correctly. For example, imagine if all gray quality items were all unrepairable?
  12. I can get behind that. But I highly doubt vanilla will bring that feature back. Will be up to modders to bring that back one way or the other. (E.g. no/limited/expensive repairs) Edit: MM is always saying he will add some love to MP once its time to focus on it. Perhaps that's when/where we will see a variation of item degradation / limited repairing return.
  13. Take a look at his edits. Its been a few days since I looked. It looked like he removed all the gamestage gates on all items that had them and gave a flat 4% at at level 0. Without item degradation its basically 4% RNG I win button. Why people think that is fun is beyond me...
  14. Funny you mention that. I have a mod/prefab/quest exactly for that. My long term plan for it was to replace traders with it since they are too OP...😅 Does more then that. It's more like 4% for all items to be able to drop at any time. In regards to download numbers, that is still relatively small and is not a clear indicate anyone hates anything. Hopefully the devs telemetry software gives them more meaningful info. in this area.
  15. Hey Eko, thanks for the detailed response. My bad if I was dismissive of your concern. I enjoy the mechanics in building prefabs and everything that comes along with it (e.g. sleepers) so it is difficult to hear when somebody makes complaints about it. Also many of us go into "this is how you fix the problem" mode when we hear something that isn't an issue for us. Hopefully the devs can add more value to stealth related perks and/or improve sleeper mechanics in relation to them to improve your experience...
  16. Silly question but have you tried pressing the "Create New Prefab" button first before doing work and saving?
  17. Hello Your highness, Tis an honor for me to be in your presence. Your post is so enlightening my outlook on life has improved greatly. I now can sleep at night now that you have shown me the way in your most glorious articulation. Please point me to the game that you have worked on so I can see how you have demonstrated this omnipotent ability that you so graciously shared with us. 😅 Joking aside, thanks for the opinion. It was a good laugh lol...
  18. I love the newer corpses. Especially the ones in the same pose as some sleepers. The similarities are close enough that in a low light condition a player can be distracted for a few seconds which is all the time needed to setup the best jump scare. 😀
  19. Yeah i hear ya but thats alot of internalization, assumptions, drama that won't get you anywhere. Instead of being snarky, try articulating your concerns instead (just like you did in this post). I guarantee it will be more well received and potentially be improved by the devs.
  20. Good morning Hiemfire. It was just an example. No reason to be snarky. Use a melee weapon, use barb wire, use your creativity. Also, I didn't read anything about lower gamestage stealth in his response so not sure where you are getting that. He even mentioned a wight which doesn't typically show up in lower game stages. As mentioned by someone earlier, attack volumes are not unbeatable. Edit: Also, let me know of any POI you have an issue with an attack volume and I will personally go check it out for you. Apart from some loot room attack volumes, I haven't se
  21. I'm also playing an older save then B180 and haven't had any issues. Granted we are running vanilla and don't have alot of player activity... Hard for anyone to help here tho since no specific details were provided. LazMan 2020... 😅
  22. Over react much? You don't have to be noisy with an attack sleeper volume. Use a silencer mod. Also, what POIs are you concerned about? I don't believe every POI uses attack volumes and when they do, i don't think they are setup to wake up the entire POI if you make noise killing them...
  23. It depends how big your base is. If its relatively small (l x w) one funnel might be enough. Height and visual awareness is the key to victory. It will give you more time to react. Eventually you will start getting vultures so you will want some counter measures for those too. Edit: let us know how it goes. 😃
  24. Honestly, 7d2d is probably the best type of game to be in Early Access. The gameplay encourages restarts/replays using different approaches over and over again. It is probably THEE main reason players continue to come back. They want to check out all the new changes and if they can still survive or not. Edit: I couldn't help the reply since the thread got necro'ed any ways...
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