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  1. Hi Sam, Thank you so much for updating your world. I love your work and hope to learn how to create my own similar world in the future. I went ahead and placed an updated version of my prison where you had placed my old one and it still fits perfectly. I had to move it closer to the road though since I trimmed it down recently in order for it to play test normally within t he prefab editor. Once I release my updated prison, will send you a copy if you would like to continue using it on your map.
  2. See below answer from a friend of mine to your question. 😅
  3. If your willing to eat tuna gravy, cat/dog food is not too far off lol...
  4. I know its unlikely to happen, but it would be cool to hide/bury something for white river. Sorta like the inverse of buried supplies / fetch quests...
  5. Thats great to hear. Not sure alot of people are aware but the prefab editor, both editor mode and in playtest mode can be done with others. Its a great way to collaborate on prefab builds, or for peer review. It can also be used for creative POI challenges (e.g. Dishong vs LVL 1 character + Tier 1 Loadout).
  6. Then they would need to call it random looter or Russian roulette looter lol..
  7. Did a quick Tier 5 quest test at trader bob's (desert, Navezgane Map) and was able to get clear quests for Skyscrapers 1 through 3, the hospital, and 1 of the factories using the "givequest tier5_clear" command so it should be possible to get more then the factories as T5 quests.
  8. Lol...hope you had a most excellent labor day weekend. Welcome back.
  9. There are 2 Malls out there that are popular. HN's No Hope Mall by Hernan and Eden Center Mall by CaptainWhiskerBiscuits and MentalNinja. Oh wow, they revealed the new stripper zombie on the steam store page. Looking good!
  10. That one might be in Gravetowne (wasteland) on the Navezgane map.
  11. I would assume each tier should take roughly X amount of time to complete regardless of size. Otherwise some POIs will be more OP then others when it comes to questing / rewards. Just a wild guess but since POI quest objectives get reset if you logout then back in, I would assume they probably don't want questing the upper tier POIs to take too much time to complete.
  12. Hopefully that changes in the future as there is a prefeb editor feature that will allow creators to exclude sleepers from the clear objective hopefully making it less painful to miss zombies for the clear objective (e.g. random vulture or zombie hiding in some remote closet lol).
  13. More iconic locations would definitely be a plus. An airport or mall would be nice additions. I have a few POIs in the cooker that will hopefully keep people entertained until some new ones are released by the devs.
  14. Hate is such a strong word. The problem with T5's is mostly they take a ton of time to make (e.g. 1 month based on what the level designers said) thus the aversion with them. Hopefully that means we will be getting more T3's and T4's in the near future if they have shifted focus away from T5's for now.
  15. Yep without the 7 day horde and the story/quests implemented a lot of the motivation/tension/progression is removed. Some are fine with that though as it makes the game more of an open sand box style of game like Minecraft.
  16. How big is the prefab? Also what version was it from? You may need to do incremental updates on it. (E.g. A16 > A17)
  17. I suppose if your Terry Crews, the auto shotgun is technically a melee weapon lol...
  18. I will say, the knife is my favorite melee weapon because it has the most awesome power attack animation. It feels so rewarding stab > stab > overhead stab....
  19. I like your style....lol I will create a legendary item for you to roleplay with one day. 😅
  20. Its definitely doable. Would need to disable/modify zombie biome spawns and then fill your world only with your custom SDV POIs. Worlds and their prefabs can be packaged as a standalone mod that can be drag/dropped into the Mods folder.
  21. Even better, create a 512 x 512 world for your SDV world. That would be so fun/relaxing. I probably would play that map with zombies turned off and just animals on. Would make for a relaxing game mode.
  22. Haha, sweet. You should re-create the farm area as well. You can add your prefab via the world editor and it will be there on new game saves.
  23. Updates on this prefab will continue under my A19 prefab thread. See link below. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19912-lazmans-a19-prefabs/?do=findComment&comment=394881
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