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  1. The devs have been pretty consistent with their message that PVP is not their main focus right now but will get to it eventually. Has nothing to do with tester bias. To your main concern regarding AP ammo, the issue is already confirmed and hopefully a fix will come soon. Patience is a virtue. 😁
  2. Love that POI. Very unique. Cant feel sorry for any one who dies in there though. It is called the "Bear Den".....😅 Thankfully bears have poor navigation compared to zeds otherwise it would be alot harder...
  3. There might be something wrong with your playtesting world files. You could try backing up > Deleting > Revalidating some of these files to see if it helps. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds\Playtesting C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\Playtesting
  4. Thanks for putting this together Khaine. Been meaning to create a variation of this for a long time and this will help me surely. You rock!!!!!
  5. Have you tried revalidating your game? I think I had a similar issue before, let me see if I can find out what I did.
  6. Yeah hopefully the T5s get updated so not all of the zombies are required for the quest objective. They added a feature for POI creators to exclude sleeper volumes from the quest objectives.
  7. Hows Lathan's Liquor Store? He already competing against Working Stiffs with his Hardware store...😁
  8. If it can't be reproduced the map generation info. will allow someone to generate the same map your experiencing the issue on and hopefully get further. Otherwise, cant really help you further.
  9. I believe this is a confirmed known issue (client doesn't see sledge attack tracking and animation of robo sledge) and will hopefully fixed in the near future. If its any consolation, the sledge is working, its just a visual bug.
  10. That's unfortunate. The only other way I know to reset non-quest POIs is by deleting the region that its in.
  11. Yes, you can export underground as well. It will save any blocks in the selection but you will need to rewire the electrical blocks. Here is a video on how to do the export.
  12. Your best bet is to export your base(s) as prefab files then adding them to your new map via the world editor. Items in containers won't be saved so probably best to just settle on giving yourselves some items from the creative menu when you guys start the new map.
  13. Lol...i still remember that pond... how's madman doing? I saw an email from him a while ago that he was shutting down his server?
  14. Are the prefabs in question quest prefabs? If so, I think you can use a console command to invoke a test quest against it to reset it. Edit: Try the "givequest test_fetchsleep" in the console when your standing next to the POI you want to try and reset and see if it works. If you get a quest with rally marker to reset the POI then your golden.
  15. The prefab menu (K) was disabled in A19. You can only access it when in either the prefab or world editors now. If you want to import a prefab into an existing world, you will need to add it first via the world editor. If the region that the prefab was imported into has already been visited by a player, you will need to delete the region files for that area so the game will place the prefab. This is dangerous though as it will cause everything in that region to be reset including player bases and storage containers.
  16. Regarding lights, within the creative mode there are usually 2 sets of most lights. The ones labeled (POI) in its name has an option to edit light settings when your placing them within the prefab editor. This only allows you to place lights in the "On" state though and doesn't give the ability to turn them off/on in a live survival game. There is a mod for that though.
  17. Oh wow that looks cool. Is that prefab available to download anywhere?
  18. I also like your rubix cube neighboor. 😁
  19. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/676
  20. Right...At least they are not all gag achievements. 🤣 For Example: Survivalist Reached Gamestage 1000
  21. Here's to hoping all the new eye candy makes it into one of the 19.x releases so the compliants from the peanut gallery are minimized...😅
  22. Looking great! Your on a roll! You may want to look into incorporating the farm mod with your world as it will add alot of the variety that you will need for this adaptation. If I wasn't so busy with my own projects I'd love to help you as this looks fun. 😅
  23. Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.
  24. You joke, but there are alot of games that have game stats like highest score, longest life, furthest level, etc. They are strong motivators to play again. Even pinball machines and Arcade Boxes had them. Madmole mentioned a while back maybe they would implement something like that but has probably forgotten about it. Edit: on the flip side one can argue that steam achievements can scratch that itch but its not the same imo... Game stats would need to only count unmodded games of course...😅
  25. What map is that (if RWG, need generation files)? Also would need to see your output log to dig deeper.
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