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  1. Dunno if I want anyone "busting a nutmeg" in my coffee....😅
  2. HUGE update to my storage container mod. See post linked below for details. Thank you for your patience and your kind words @Ihmislehma & @Con Agni. Let me know what you think of this new update. A new game save is recommended to use this new version as it also renames previous storage containers introduced in earlier versions of the mod. You might be able to work around this and use an existing save if you are able to destroy all previous storage containers prior to installing this new version. Edit: (9/15 @ 8:43am PST) Repackaged 1.3 zip file due to mi
  3. There avoiding you like the plague...😅
  4. AFAIK, all non HD zeds will be replaced or removed. They also want consistent quality across the board so the chances of them leaving old models in the game files is unlikely. It will be up to the modders to export and readd old models in. The community has a nice NPC creatures pack mod that has the variety alot of you folks are looking for. Head over to the mods forums to check it out.
  5. If you are admin u can enable debug mode in console. Then press F8 until heat display pops up.
  6. If you have debug mode on (type dm in console). You can press esc key and the POI teleport button to bring up a list of all POIs on the map. I think dishong is skyscraper_01. If its not in list its not on that map.
  7. This video should help you export your build. Once exported you can use the world editor to import it into a new world.
  8. Really? Hit up a few nightclubs in most densely populated cities in the US and I bet you'll see some. Here in California thats nothing special...lol
  9. Yep, its in the burnt biome down the street from trader Jen in Navezgane. It actually doesn't fall even if you remove its supports (minus the tree)
  10. Oh there's a tree, the tree house is just not supported by it...😅
  11. you can create a faux tree house...
  12. Yep, I love the ladder fix. I use to break my legs occasionally but now its alot easier to jump on/off. those players complaining probably... A) never seen a women not wearing a bra underneath move around like that... Or B) never seen a skyrim boob mod....now THOSE were over the top lol...
  13. Do you have the Empty folder? If so, try backing it up > Deleting It > Revalidating to see if that fixes it.
  14. lol...yes you are. I just stated I hope they added him for the spaceballs/pizza the hut joke....Great movie if you haven't seen it. 🤣
  15. Hi Shouden, Yeah I should be able to do that. Have my hands full with a couple prefab projects at the moment but will take a look afterwards.
  16. I couldn't find the info. on how I fixed it before. Can you upload your output log file that has the error? I remember uploading that and someone on the QA team was able to tell me what to do to fix it.
  17. So...is there anything about the new update that you do like or do you like to just focus on the negative (for you)? 😅
  18. Oh just you wait until you try my next couple of death......creations! 😅
  19. Yeah, lack of skyscrapper spawning in RWG is a known issue / WIP. One easy workaround is to pick your favorite RWG seed and then using the world editor to insert whatever is missing.
  20. Yeah, and it looks like some new HD zeds too. I hope Pizza the Hut made the cut. Edit: New Business Man and Tourist Zombie HD models 🤣
  21. Ooo, i may have not experienced that one yet. Will check out, thanks for heads up.
  22. I love it. Allows for more load out options. Or a 10 magazine blunderbuss if your a blunderBOSS....😅
  23. You mean his bunker POI? Yeah...stay away from the hole....lol
  24. Thats a great point. I hope that forum is still good for ideas for their next game or DLC. If so, that would encourage people to continue posting their ideas in there. For those that are not aware, there is a discussion and request sub forum for Mods, so thats also a great place to submit ideas. https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/40-discussion-and-requests/
  25. This guys prefab series will teach you mostly everything you need to know about prefabs. I recommend watching his entire prefab series. This video in particular goes over the prefab XML file where you configure quest properties (e.g. tier and quest type)
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