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  1. That would be one way to go about it. Probably even easier now that we have 2 more toolbelt slots added recently. The prepared survivor is the alive survivor. 😀
  2. Vertically challenged peoole probably would appreciate the ladders. Those canned food on the top shelf in pantries are hard to reach you know!....😅
  3. Yes there is. See video link below. I recommend watching this guys entire series. Will help you get started making prefabs within the editor. 😁
  4. Did you try holding down R to select which ammo to load? Should work the same as any weapon that has alternate ammo types.
  5. Always thought we needed some bus depots prefabs. Great idea!!! Congrats on your 2nd build. ✊
  6. Its very RNG to get upper quality items especially t3. With that said crafting is a way to get to upper quality items of a certain quality more reliably. This is even more the case with the slowed down loot progression of A19. OP, have you actually experienced what your concerned about or is it mostly just what if / theoycrafting?
  7. If its any consolation to you, one of the devs has acknowledged they may look at the possibility of improving sleeper mechanics in regards to stealth. What that will look like at the end of the day is anyone's guess. Hopefully they land on something that is both fun and balanced for the game.
  8. Please do and include a video as it will help the QA team repro what your experiencing much easier.
  9. I'm on a gaming laptop as well and a couple things to keep in mind. Make sure your nvidia gpu profile is being used as some mobiles have auto switching to on board video. I think it its called nvidia optimus technology. You may need to set profile to always use nvidia gpu.
  10. My laptop does the same thing when not plugged in otherwise I'm sure the battery would drain too fast. One compromise im fine with in order to game on a laptop. 😁
  11. LazMan's Food Trucks Summary: This is a remnant food truck stop POI (non-quest). Compatible and tested with 4K & 8K RWG worlds (desert & pine_forest biomes). Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy! Download Link: Here
  12. I recommend playing through vanilla at least one full playthrough before dipping into mods so you can experience all the new changes at least once. A couple great websites for mods are the following. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie https://7daystodiemods.com/ Edit: Regarding your crash, you may want to submit a bug report on that if it consistently happens to you. Click the green banner above on how to submit a report.
  13. Hi GPC, Thanks for the heads up. Please submit a bug report page linked below. Also, you will need to be more specific in what you mean by "popping." I am assuming you are talking about occulsion? A video would be ideal since what you are describing seems very specific. https://community.7daystodie.com/bug-test-1/ Edit: I found your original post and noticed you mentioned some console errors. When visiting the bug report forum link above, please make sure to read all of the items required for the report listed in the red banner so the issue can be furt
  14. I think it will Despawn. You can leaving the area and coming back to see if he is still there.
  15. Tier 3 Quest POI with a locked loot room puzzle. Search/Scavenge the POI on how to unlock the door. Rumor has it the Crazy Jake Clan located a still in operation Army Bunker in the wilderness and have plans to break in. Compatible and tested with 4K & 8K RWG worlds. Wilderness Only POI. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy! Download Link: Here Concept Art:
  16. FYI, I am now a recognized mod author on Nexus Mods website (1000+ unique downloads since I started uploading my prefabs there in July/August). Thank you to everyone who has playtested and supported all of my prefab creations. I couldn't have reached this milestone without you! *bows down deeply* 🙇‍♂️
  17. This video covers how to export your build.
  18. Nothing wrong with your taste. I bet you get wonderful sun rises and sun sets at the top.
  19. Still TBD. The QA team knows about it but no confirmed vanilla repros.
  20. An alternative solution would be to export your base as a prefab and then add it back into a fresh world via the world editor. That way you can avoid trying to make region files and different world times correctly.
  21. It is also worth notating that compo pack and nitrogen go hand and hand nowadays as Magoli has stopped providing a configuration for vanilla RWG games for a while now. In A18, I think folks would see this issue mostly with the larger POIs (e.g. shamway factory). Something that would be helpful is if someone who experiences the issue can take a screen shot of their world map (fog filter turned off) and plot which POIs in the area have the issue and those that don't. That will give us a visual representation that may help narrow down the root cause.
  22. Very detailed observations. I agree with your assessment. I was not aware of the player model loading point as a focal point. I have a gut feeling part of the issue is POI density related (e.g. the more POIs packed in a given area). I believe both the compopack and nitrogen both have a higher POI density configuration in relation to vanilla.
  23. FYI, I didn't add the clothes pile container that you mentioned but perhaps the many different clothing shelves and racks will be a better alternative for your base...😅
  24. The bug in question is regarding the distant POI mesh that appears when the user is a certain distance away. The problem is that for some folks, the mesh doesn't go away when they get near the POI. If you have a consistent repro of this please head over to the bug forums and submit a report of it so it can get handled properly. Thanks.
  25. As it stands right now there is no consistent repro on this issue without using mods (e.g. custom POIs, Nitrogen, etc.). Probably the main reason why it hasn't been fixed yet.
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