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  1. The problem is not stability but the fact that buildings shouldn't be floating over drops in terrain. It just looks......wrong. (lack of a better word). My guess is the general terrain is generated first and the prefabs are inserted afterwards. It would be nice if the developers could somehow update the prefab generation part of their code to analyze the amount of flat terrain is available prior to inserting a prefab. This is most likely harder to implement than it sounds. But one can dream .
  2. Floating prefab issues usually occur because of 1 of 2 reasons. #1 The Yoffset value set in the prefabs xml file is not low enough. #2 The Prefab's footprint is so large that its edges will hang over lower elevation terrain in RWG. The only way I have been able to overcome this problem is to generate additional layers under the large prefab so even if it goes over lower elevation terrain, the gap is filled. It isn't the most elegant fix but at least will allow the prefab to look somewhat more blended with the terrain.
  3. So I assume lit2 has less of an fps impact?
  4. Hi mag, so lit2 has better performance? I usually don't turn on many lights but when I do I use lit1.
  5. Hey Mag, I think I have a good guess what is causing the stair rotation bug. It seems to only effect stair blocks that were exported from ingame via bbb command. Stair blocks that I placed via Hal's editor retained the correct rotations. Further testing needed to confirm, but just noticed that now while testing my new apartment prefab.
  6. It should be but I haven't test it myself.
  7. Hi mag are you referring to the small hardware being to big? Last I checked they seemed to spawn in cities okay?
  8. FYI, I plan to replace fence with the new chain link one.
  9. Sure that's what these prefabs are for
  10. Whoops, thanks for catching that. It is fixed now.
  11. I believe it's F7. - - - Updated - - - Heya folks, The original post has been updated with a new version. FYI, the included rwgmixer.xml file is configured to allow the prison to spawn in the forest biome roughly 3% of the time. Enjoy!
  12. Hey guys just finished a quick prefab request for the server community I play with and will post it shortly. Think of it as an automotive store plus service center. Its 44x45 and will fit into cities. Feel free to add to pack if you desire.
  13. Hi LT, thanks for doing the testing on this. It surely has saved me some time. Just a thought, regarding the limitations for lot types, would it be possible to create another variation of the city lot prefabs and reference that instead? Sure it would have similar layout to cities but probably would be a good workaround for now.
  14. Love the detail work on the glass. Great job mag.
  15. Hey guys. You looking for an updated version for Nava or RWG?
  16. Gj LT, looking forward to hearing from you or regarding how you overcame the blank lots. Thanks.
  17. That is a sign the house wasnt built with structural integrity in mind. In some cases this is a nice element for a broken down building.
  18. What did you have in mind? Hahaha
  19. Hey mag, did my new brownstone townhouses prefab make it in? I didn't see it in the change list. If not, no worries.
  20. Thank you mag and everyone who contributed to testing. With the game being in alpha, it is not easy to maintain/updateba pack of custom work. Bravo!
  21. I'm assuming this is for wilderness POIs? If so, what I find helps is adding several layers Under the prefab so that if it is inserted over a curved surface, the air blocks underneath are filled in. Doing this is helps when dealing with large prefabs. Otherwise you run into SI issues. For example, my prison (larger than 100x100) has at least 5 layers of stone underneath it. I just make sure to set the yoffset so the extra layers are submerged.
  22. Whoops, I didn't see the ironwall block in the list until you mentioned it. Have to double check my newly released brownstone prefab to make sure it hasn't errored out.
  23. Your reading too much into his words.....lol
  24. Have you tried the latest version? See link below. http://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?21158-PREFAB-The-Walking-Dead-Prison-v0-3-(Random-World-Generation)
  25. Hello survivors! I should be ready to release an updated prison for RWG this weekend. Not only will this update compatibility with A10 but also have added detail. -Populated more rooms for scavenging! -Replaced all doors! -Added new blocks (shotgun messiah box, bookcases, etc.) -Added more block decals! (Blood, newspapers, trash, etc.)
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