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  1. That does sound very fun! does having the blood moon set to 64 max make the game lag or slower? i was thinking to set enemy spawning to high, is this even an option anymore? could make it fun during the day to have a lot of zombies around you.
  2. I agree, once you're armed with a gun, normal nights are pretty easy. Like you, previous alphas I would spend nights locked inside but A18 I looted a few POIs during the night and found it quite fun - wandering round a building in the dark not knowing where any zombies were did get my adrenaline going. For the blood moon hordes, think i'll use a POI that could be good to defend from or made from something strong and try survive that. What do you guys think of the zombie block damage setting? because I want to play this more "realistically'' and not build loads of defenses, should I balance this with turning their block damage down? or would this ruin the fun?
  3. I get what you mean, in the end the blood moon hordes would rip through the place completely ones the days get high. So was thinking that during the blood moons I find other POIs that I won't normally stay in to try and defend for the blood moons. That way I could use a POI i like as my place for storage and to keep it safe, don't use it for blood moons. Also could be fun to try a different POI each 7 days to defend.
  4. I find I enjoy the game most when I'm inside a POI at night, haven't upgraded anything or made any defenses and try to survive the night. It reminds me of a zombie movie when I'm inside a basic POI like a diner or gas station and don't alter the building... I have no idea why but I just seem to really enjoy this. My normal play style is to usually take over a place and do it up to be all safe but then once I feel it's secure I feel too relaxed which reduces the fun. So i'm thinking of giving myself some rules to create a play style that would make me play more like what I mention I enjoy above. Does anyone else enjoy playing like this? would settings or rules would you give yourself if you did? Some ideas I'm thinking: - Don't build own base, only can stay in prefabs - No upgrading walls - Don't remove any furniture or objects in the POI I stay in - Stay on the first floor only - Either zombies walk at night or keep them to run but turn their block damage down to 50% As said, I just seem to find this fun so any ideas you guys may have for me to play like this would be great! Cheers
  5. Does anyone know if you can pick up the farm plot you placed? I've been using a few but want to move base now so not sure if it will work?
  6. So I found out that Zhehehi Territory is the RW Map generated if you don't fill in a name for the seed. I did a test play through with it and have really been enjoying it an think it's a decent map. Has anyone done a save on this and have anything to share about it? I don't suppose anyone has a photo of the map overview to see what biomes it exactly has? Cheers!
  7. Looking for a place to start my Alpha 18 save and came across this POI in a few towns. It's pretty high and was fun to get to the top of it. My idea is to have this place as my normal night base. Storage on the top floor and then have a forge on the roof. Has anyone else used this as a base or place to setup in yet? I've tried searching for it online and haven't see anyone talk about it. Also, do you think a forge on this roof would still attract screamers?
  8. Hi, I've downloaded the Alpha 18 experimental version and had a quick test and loved what I saw. I don't want to play much more as I know i'll get sucked into the same so want to wait for the full version of alpha 18 to be ready first, so a few questions. 1. Is there a release date for the full Alpha 18 version? or if no, how long can we expect until it would be released? 2. If I decide to do a Alpha 18 experimental save. Will I be able to continue the save when it gets updated to the full version? Thank you!
  9. Hi again, few more questions about Attributes and Perks: - I have to increase Attributes to be able to unlcock certain perks? - Do I have to spend skill points on increasing my Attributes or can this be done also naturally, e.g. crafing lots of an item? - Should I focus on leveling up all Attributes evenly or focus on certain ones depending on my play style? e.g. focus on increasing the Intellect and Strength Attributes? If so, is there a limit to how many attributes I should focus on? - Are there any important Attribtues I should focus on? - Are there any important Perks I should try get? Cheers!
  10. Great, thank you guys for answering it! Looking forward to starting a new game, I will have a game on Navesgane first to get the hang of this. I noticed while playing the first test how easily zombies can damage blocks also! How are Random Gen maps on A17 also?
  11. After loving the game on console but seeing the PC version is a lot better, i've gone and brought a new PC to play the game I had a test play at it yesterday and see there's lot more options and will take some time to get to know the game. I have some questions to ask if I could have your help please: 1) Blood Moon count - Is the number you select always going to be this number for every blood moon horde? like if select 8 zombies, even at day 100+ will only 7 zombies appear on the blood moon? I thought that these get larger and harder each moon? 2) Player profile - When you create your own character, does this affect anything? such as stats etc.? 3) Walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare - I tested some of these out and is there really any difference between jog, run and sprint? using each of these settings, I didn't notice much different and no zombies caught up with me. 4) No Zombie loot? - I killed some zombies and wasn't able to loot any. Is this right? 5) Do they still go for doors still? - If i'm in a house with walls and a door, will the zombies still go for the door first? 6) Zombies dig down - Is this correct? if so, how exactly do they do this? are they able to dig up? like if I had a wooden hatch above a ladder, could they climb the ladder and break the hatch? 7) Zombie jump distance - I remember you can build a ladder a few blocks of the ground then place a box and jump onto it, remove the box then zombies can't get up - does this still work? and if so, how many blocks can they jump? 8) Zombie intelligence. I tested creating a big hole just after the front door in a house, thinking zombies would talk through the door and fall down the hole. Instead they started hitting the walls which looked like they knew they would fall down the hole. Is this correct? they are more intelligent now? 9) Should I play with keyboard/mouse or controller? which one is better? 10) Is there anything I should be aware of about playing this game on PC? like something really useful to know or that I should be careful of doing? Any tips for a beginner PC player. 11) Finally are there any settings or a certain setup when starting a game that is good? like the options you can change at the start like how often the blood moon etc., - are any of these good to set to to make the gamer fun / better? Many thanks!
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