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  1. Yes, I have discovered that you can put dye into those slots. However while it DOES change the colour of the vehicle icon within your hotbar, it does not change of the tint of the vehicle gameobject that is spawned within the 3D space.
  2. I see that vehicles now have modification slots, so... 1. Is there anything to put into them? 2. If you put a dye into one of these slots, can you colour your vehicle? 3. If dyes don't work in current mod slots, can TFP consider putting in a cosmetic slot with vehicles, that works like cosmetic slots with clothing? I don't mind if they replace a current mod slot for a cosmetic one.
  3. Like what happens when you take a fully fleshed out PC game, strip it down and throw it out on consoles?
  4. Ever wanted to spend Dukes at a players vending machine, but never could find a trader to cash in on your overflowing inventory if high priced junk? Well the Hock-O-Matic Pawn Machine is for you. This is a vending machine that would allow players to sell their items, just like they could transacting with a real trader. No buying, just selling only. The UI just displays the normal trade window, with nothing listed to buy. Items are sold at 75% of their listed price. (Not to make traders obsolete) Barter skill cannot be used to increase Dukes returned. (You can't reason with a machine)
  5. Enjoying crafting in A17, with recipes tied to knowledge tree point level. Now in A18, I have to go hunting for recipes found in loot items??!! WTF! I hated that idea up to A15, felt relived when in A17 the recipes were unlocked based in skill like VALMOD. Now we're back to hunting for recipes again. F THAT! If you take the A17 system, keep the books that were in A17 since they were for a handful of special recipes. Add the new book perk system and keep the moved crafting skills (e.g. Pistol crafting under pistol skill) updated in A18 and THAT would be an awesome system. However the devs will ignore me, the rest of you will yell at me to not let the door hit my arse on the way out. So this is probably pointless in highlighting this oversight.
  6. Any chance of some enhancement to character/avatar creation? Higher textures? Higher Mesh polygon count? More base faces? More hair styles? ( Would love to see bangs. ) Anything would be appreciated.
  7. Damn... nice mod. I know that Fun Pimps is intending to add the M-60 to A18, but why re-invent the wheel??!! If I was the project lead for 7D2D, I wouldn't waste time making new assets, I would just take this mod and work with Mayic to incorporate it into the official release of A18. Seriously Fun Pimps, your mod community are highly talented and motivated, why not harness their work to save time and improve the games content and quality.
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