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  1. In the 2nd town you posted...2250N 350E there is an underground bunker too...spawned near said town n found where ill be staying while i build elsewhere thanks for the info
  2. Ahh brilliant...when i next log in ill make the trek thanks mate
  3. Ahh yes thank you...found it. Just waiting out the night then im going to searcg for water
  4. Whats the co-ords again...N or S should be the left number...it confused me lol
  5. Ahh very nice indeed....when ive had enough of NZ i will try a few seeds on random. Thank you both
  6. Ive seen people say that when you name your new game...its actually the seed your putting in. Is this true or are Random gen world actually random and we have no way of inputting a seed?
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