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  1. how do i download any of this modlet? when i trying to get the no digging zombies modlet i get only a wall of text on github..
  2. Is there possible to make the rivers bigger? I want to hava a map whit big fjords.
  3. I Just have to say thank you Damocles for the Great work you'r doing on nitrogen. IT really is Great. I love the New water barrier, rivers and cracks. The large city's and the beutifull maps we can generate. Much bretter then the inngame map generator. Love from Norway!
  4. Make sure you'r friend is allied. The turret killed my wife yesterday. Now when she is my allied the turret wont shoot her.
  5. Just wrench It mate. Have tested on the newest a18 ex. Build. Work's perfectly fine😀
  6. Hello world of 7 days. Since a18 is SOON comming stable. At least before Christmas. am going to play single player and Wonder if IT is possible that only bird nest is respawning whit loot? That would force me to wander and not loot the same Town everytime. But the birdnest should be respawning.
  7. That was a beutifull settup. Is is possible for you to make a video on how it's work? Would love to copy It.
  8. About the grease monkey perk. why having it as a perk? would some rare book made that much more giving to gameplay vs a perk? we all had a little victory celebration when we finally found the book we have been looking for. enabling the workbench on a perk isn't the same.
  9. The epic feeling of getting the minibikebook on day 30 on low loot is awsome! how it would be to have it on day 1? that's is terrible gameplay vice...
  10. i dont like the perk's system at at. good for sexual t-rex miner 69 etc. but other than that no. the system whit book's is way more fun. finding the minibikebook when playing on 25%loot. that feeling is awsome!! but now? meh... press a button on the meny when hiding upstairs in a house for the night. not fun. but hey. Easy:upset:
  11. the zombie loot was great when it was only Navazgane on older version. the loot party made going to get stuff not quit necessary
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