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  1. Thanks for the info, I will look into it and see what I can find, I am pretty good and reading xml data from years of setting up servers luckily. so a quick glance ( very quick ) 10 traders, 4 book stores, 2 gun stores, 2 pharmacies 2 electronic 4 pawn shops on the generation I tried.
  2. edit: I finally got one to generate Can someone tell me how to find out what the maps have in them correctly, i'm still trying to figure out how to navigate the generation as well, I got the WASD, but how do i manually move around to look at the POIs? I counted I think 17 towns, and at l,east 7 traders but without being able to move around better I can't look at the rest
  3. The new crawler skins are invisible, our live map it is always the crawlers.
  4. The crawlers are invisible it seems to us also, must be their new skin.
  5. Just a quick update, still no word from steam but this may just be the "2 pack" of the game, if I purchase the base game I can buy as a gift.
  6. I have noticed similar fps drops, I feel like there is a memory leak of some kind with textures. I can restart the game and my fps will return to normal for a little while. The big fps killers are: Multiplayer, water, lighting, sand/gravel. I am sure they will get more stable as always, but something right now is very wrong.
  7. Thanks, so it is something on their end for sure then. Now the waiting game.
  8. I have a ticket in with them now, just seeing if anyone has experienced this before, or knows a work around until they contact me. Can anyone else attempt also and see if it's working for them (don't actually buy it but test it), make sure it's not just something on my end only.
  9. With the game being on sale I was going to buy a couple 2 game packs for friends, however steam will not let me buy them because I already own the game, I am sending a ticket into steam, but seeing if anyone knows a fix for this while I wait for them to contact me. Both purchase buttons are "grayed" out and can't be pushed on the cart screen.
  10. 1. The console hardware really cannot handle it. (It's barely capable of what the game requires right now.) Pc servers run on the server hardware, take a look at ark on console vs ark on nitrado, and I don't mean engines, i mean stability. 2. Setting up hosted servers are expensive. The dev's aren't big companies with loads of money to blow on starting up a server. I am not 100% sure on this but don't the companies profit from selling their server space and they already set up the required hardware? Or did TFP want to strictly own the servers and profit off them? 3. There are not currently known plans to expand the game to allow more players in a session. Why exactly, what is holding it back? 4. Split-screen MP is also likely to be a pipedream. (Again, it's the hardware limitations here preventing it.) This is fine, nobody should be playing split screen these days. 5. Your next-gen PS4 Pro or XB1-X does nothing to help the game support more players. That's why we want dedicated servers, no one wants to host a server on our console. Again, why are we not having the option or nitrado or other hosted dedicated servers?
  11. I do remember in the last video they talked about getting the socket system for pois 100% polished in RWG. May want to watch it and see if it refers to what you are talking about.
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