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  1. You want A15 console version? The one that doesn't work? I know A15 has some awesome fun things in it that got ironed out later on PC but the console version A15 is currently unplayable. @Roland they did promise updates and support though which they delivered on as our console version saw at least a couple updates. But at the current state with the game breaking glitch that rolls ALL your environments back to the original state when the server was created (basically deleting all your progress as far as loot, collectibles and resources) with no support to fix it, then yes that is an unfinished broken game. Which is all I really want. I don't care about updates that add new stuff or NPCs or fancy new zombies I just want it to be playable. You'd think that shouldn't be too much to ask for but there's no one to ask if they can do that now, hence the abandoned comment. Sadly it's a $40 game that you can play for maybe a few days then have the game say "Now start all over again!" Which gets rather annoying. At least your character/skills and talents don't get reset but losing pretty much all your resources from your forge, weapons, custom made house and hard to obtain items is a kick in the nuts every time.
  2. Yeah the console section is full of neckbeards bragging about their PCs like they don't have anything better to do, just have to ignore them. Anyways, about the fix I've tried building a house from scratch and having stuff in a pre-made house but it all got rolled back during the crash/glitch. However I found that if you use a pre-made house as your place to live and put chest/valuables in empty spaces of the house it's possible the roll back won't roll back those chunks since there was nothing to roll back. Use regular storage chest and not the large containers as storage though. Don't know why but the bigger ones tend to always get deleted. So for example I have my chests scattered throughout the living next to a sofa (rather than destroying the sofa and putting the chest in it's place) and also putting them on the walls will help too. As long as there was nothing in the space prior to being placed they're less likely to roll back. The reason why I think pre-made houses survive better is because grass, terrain and trees get replaced during the rollback so if you built a custom house even if it's in the middle of no where the terrain didn't have that there before so it resets. Where as inside the house you don't have to worry about grass or trees. Another fix is... refund. Honestly you have the right to request it since it's an unfinished/abandoned product that does not function properly anymore and no longer will have support or updates. I can forgive their situation cause they didn't know Telltale would go under and they would be left with a console port they can't update and don't know how to do that if they wanted to. But leaving the game up on the marketplace, at THAT price, knowing full well they're not touching the console versions anymore is suspect as hell. They have the rights to the console ports now, they can take it down if they wanted to or at least drop the price so it could just be a fun... play until you glitch out, then stop playing experience. The only reason I could see other than greed, as to why it's still up on the market despite being unplayable and lacking support, is they might be hoping some other company comes along to offer to take over the console ports for them and finish them? Maybe Undead Labs? Although they're under Microsoft. Deep Silver? Mad Dogs? Techland? Honestly it wouldn't matter to me as long as it got an update. And for the hardcore fanboys who are relentlessly defending this game on all these upset post over this. Chill. We're here on the forums because yes we are mad about the console dickery. But we're here cause we LIKE the game. We WANT it to be finished and playable cause it is fun. If this was just a @%$#ty game we wouldn't be here asking what the hell is going on. We'd just label it hot garbage and move on. That's what is so frustrating, it is a good game stuck behind a hurdle that is preventing people from really enjoying it.
  3. Step one: Start caring a little more about the console version that cost $30 and is unplayable or take it off the market. Step two: Make it playable. Like... main priority make it playable that's all I care about. Can't add new things into a broken game that doesn't work and makes you stop playing it cause of glitches/bugs.
  4. Yeah there's definitely some blame to go around, it mostly is due to bad situations so it's not the worst crime ever. But I do feel like Telltale mishandled marketing. 7days has "eyes bigger than your stomach" written all over it and even just the idea of in depth console ports with support/updates is where they probably bit off more than they could chew. Like... we want to make a game that has realistic survival aspects, inventory management, food/drinks management, crafting, terrain manipulation/mining like Minecraft, post apocalyptic zombie horror, a horde mode built in, day night cycles, dynamic weather conditions that effect the player but with realistic graphics... ect. ect. ect. All done in Unity no less by a relatively small company AND on multiple platforms? That's just nuts. I love the ambition and the creativity this game has. I was really rooting for it. But selling a broken game on console with no promises to fix it is really irking me. If this is the state of the console version they should probably take it off the market given how bad this glitch is and for everyone who bought it on release they're just taking the loss... I forgot how much I paid for it but I just looked at the store and it's $30 which of course isn't going to warn people the game is broken with a lack of support going on.
  5. Well bigotry aside... I bought this game when it first released on console under the notion it is alpha but it will be getting updates, regular support and they would be finishing the game at some point although it would never be as fully developed as it is on PC, at the very least it should be playable and it's not. Releasing half finished games on Steam and promising to finish it "later" but charging money for it is a huge issue that I'm glad we don't suffer much on console. Only time we see this is when AAA development titles are being sneaky like Anthem where they didn't finish the game but polished to the point that it looks like it's finished. If they release a product under an alpha state then abandon work on it all together then that's liable for refunds. It's an unfinished product and it doesn't work. As far as I can tell there's no possible way avoid the environment reset glitch. Sadly the game is fun and unique so I'd really like to see it finished. And I know they didn't abandon it out of greed, they had a tragic setback with Telltale collapsing but at the end of the day it's another "promise to finish alpha" that people paid money for and it doesn't work, and seems like it won't ever work. People have the right to be upset about that. But... not be bigots over it like that one dude up there.
  6. I worked at a PC gaming lab where I could play PC games but that got shut down due to covid so without a job I got a console now. But please continue bragging about how cool you are about having a PC on the console section of the forums where you're replying to console post.
  7. Yeah, I think that's what I'm just realizing and the fact this game is unique, fun with a cool idea I want to play it. But the game won't let me. It's really sad to see when support for a game comes nearly to a complete halt. I don't know what console you're on that you can stabilize your own games but I can't do that on Xbox. The glitch is the game crashes and resets all the environments in your area. So if you, say what I did, broke down a couch and wall to build chests the game will roll that environment back on crashes sometimes and the couch will be there instead of all your important stuff. If you read this support page you'll see tons of people posting about the same problem. I even read someone did the same fix I tried, which is not living in a pre-made house and making one from scratch but somehow the game deletes all that too. I don't have a video of that but the video you see in my post shows a self poking into my mushroom garden and a couch without an armrest because it glitched out when resetting the area. I wish I had a before and after picture to show just how much stuff got deleted. I think maybe 8 chest and 5 supply boxes worth of loot are just gone. The entire place went back to normal. Even the new section of the house I added next to the garage is gone.
  8. I had an old server that I abandoned because it was in a house and I knew about the bug so I stopped playing it, also we kinda explored/looted most of the stuff. The server I was playing on last month I built an entire house from the ground up and hoped the roll back wouldn't happen to somewhere built in the middle of no where near no trees but that server got rolled back during a glitch so the ground I laid my house was almost completely gone except for some walls and traps. I move to my old server... with mind you, 1 years worth of progress my friends and I made. Pretty much looted everything there was to loot and had a forge with around 10k materials in each category. I too just encountered the "World rolls back all your environments glitch" on that server too and everything... I mean everything is gone. All but my chest which I awkwardly slapped on the wall with all my crappy clothes in it and a chest with my unused crappy gun parts are there. The forge with 10k resources? Gone. Ak-47s, SMGs, Hunting rifles, Shotguns, 500 ammo for nearly every gun... gone. 40 rockets and rocket launcher... gone. All the fancy little additions I had fun putting in the house are gone. The red squares show chest where the wall with the most valuable stuff was. The yellow box was my forge with all the resources. The couch looks glitched the hell out. The kitchen had a lot of valuable resources and workbenches with the fertilization unit. The indoor mushroom garden is now a shelf. The custom made garage is gone. At least the mini bike is still there but whole lot of good that will do me. All the lootable places within my area don't respawn loot for some reason. So collecting all that again isn't going to be easy unless I move to completely unexplored section of the map. But what's the point? You can't build a house from scratch. You can't put stuff in a pre-made house. You can't avoid this glitch at all apparently so if all your progress is going to get lost and it seems this glitch is well known and has been around for a while so I doubt they have any intentions of fixing it... what's the point of playing this game? This glitch, from my experience can happen any time the game crashes. My game crashes around 2-3 times a play session so you're bound to run into it again and again and again. First time it happened? Relatively new server so no big deal. My friends server with all our stuff in it though? That's probably where I bow out. Yes it's Alpha... and has been for god knows how long. Yes it's a lovely way for gaming companies to throw out half finished games for money and say "oh it will be done in a couple year" and decade later it's still in alpha... beta whatever. I don't mind crashing, I don't mind glitches, I don't mind framerate issues it's a work in progress. Losing all your progress multiple times in an unfixable glitch for consoles is a waste of time. Yes it's a work in progress but game breaking glitches and things that completely ruin progress are usually public enemy number 1 for devs to work on. Their forums/support is littered with these reports and the response is "oh it's alpha what did you expect?" I expected maybe after 5 years this game could go into the playable portion of gameplay and not this disaster is it now. Video 7daysvid.mp4
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