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  1. Wow... I'm with Jade! Mods threatening to close the forum Again, I have been playing and supporting this game since the beginning, Sylen has been rude since 2016, nothing new. I love that it's said where do they get the money for updates, then a few posts later... they will lower the price when it's sales slow down... So still making money? The fact that we are still talking shows interest, intrest mean new sales. I'm sure the 30 I spent years ago is long used up, but they still have PC sales and console sales providing revenue today. Put out a 10 dollar DLC with new stuff and bug fixes, is what I want, but anything is better then nothing and that is we have now. If you refuse to do anything there needs to be disclaimer saying you get half the PC world and your hours of work can be rest to original blocks.
  2. I'm not a new player, but I would say get it. I got in 2016 or so played a few hundred hours in, and now back playing, after going to ark for a while. I wish we got more updates to fix things, but it's still a good game. Just make sure if playing local coop that player one is the better gamer (increasing crafting level faster), as player two keeps forgetting books read after game crashes. So if player two read that spiked club schematic and game crashes you will be needing player one to craft one for them and the quality is determined by player 1 skill. Only saying this as this weekend I was in the wife's world game crashed and now I need her to make my club....
  3. Random dog hoards spawning close by happens a lot, had a 15 dog hoard in a random map forest town the other day, first two deaths of the map on day 18, super mad as my bike near my corpse went invisible after 1st death but was back after the second death. I killed those dogs with the bike but still felt like the game was going out of its way to take my life
  4. After reading through I found a few I had not seen to try, thanks for the info
  5. Leave open. I have to question the logic though of blaming telltale at this point. If you buy a coke and it tastes flat do you blame coke or the independent bottlers who made it and got it to the shelf of the store you got it at. No one is going to blame Reyes for there bad tasting coke that they purchased in California they blame coke stock ticker KO even though they did not produce it or distribute it, Reyes holding did, so who suffers? Is this individual going to say bad Reyes I'm boycotting all your products including bud light because u made a flat coke. The average consumer is oblivious but do hold grudges. If you never plan to make a 7 days to die 2 on consoles again then it does not matter, but if they do they had better at some point improve there product with an update.
  6. I thought that after alpha 17 pc and consoles no longer matched?
  7. That seems dumb unless they don't plan to ever go consoles again. If the most current reviews of this one suck, then they will have an EA reputation which will hurt the next games sales. I got my money out of how many hours I have put into it, but if I just picked it up today on Amazon for 79.99 I would not be leaving a favorable review. If not for local coop with the wife my current review from like 4 years ago would not be as nice. I can accept what I have is it, but will fun pumps accept the console reputation they made with the lack of support?
  8. I have looked around for console specific info for seed names in the past and there just are not any good places for info on this game.
  9. I saw a video on YouTube a few months back claiming they got rights back, but have no idea if true. Yes I would drop 10 bucks to get a big update. Either way they should try and keep letting us know what is happening. While telltale takes most blame in my eyes for what's happened so far fun pimps could step up and say something
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