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  1. Pretty sure you start with a bug out bag. Place it on the ground and then open it like any other container. It should have a bedroll and bunch of other goodies in it.
  2. Is there a fix for the visible blocks that show up randomly in poi, they block LOS but you can clip through them. Is this indicative of an old poi, a poi being worked on, or is it an issue with my install? The blocks seem to randomly occupy spaces that normally have no blocks. Just adding this if anyone else looking at this stuff. Looks like other have termed these phantom or ghost blocks. Might be related to super dense poi? That is a rabbit hole for sure... wow.
  3. Any chance there could be a weighted roll or exclusion list in the future? POIs that have been used in a quest recently could either have reduced weight in their roll or they are added to an exclusion list and added back in after 2, 3, or X number of quests. And obviously if no POI is assigned due to those rules just fall back to randomly picking one.
  4. Wow, great mod! Makes the world feel quite a bit more active and holy crap the first wandering horde was a legit horde. I had to bug out and setup camp in the traders area, but that didn't stop them. They piled so high they started to drop a guy or two over the wall, this worked out great for working them down. Your mod had renew my interest in playing again, thanks!
  5. Poked around the forums and site a bit. Is the Monday steam update like a midnight release, once the team is in the office release, or it's there when it's there release? I'm guessing the last option, but "secretly" hoping for the first.
  6. *Drools* I've been avoiding the streams this patch, wanting to jump in mostly blind for my first A19 runs.
  7. Yeah, the main strength of the original idea was the promotion of exploring a POI more fully, prompting more zed encounters, and the additional satisfaction of finding something.
  8. Yeah, the radius hints are great. Could work the same for notes, key cards, fobs, etc, giving you a hint of which room(s) contain the needed pieces to open the safe.
  9. If the trend they are looking for is to feel like generic mmo X then I suppose arrows pointing at everything is the way to go.
  10. I don't really care what the Fun Pimps select. The idea is excellent for any player. What the Fun Pimps select is their business and does nothing to lower the quailty of the idea itself. Also "New Player".... are you suggesting that ALL new players do not like searching / exploring content?
  11. I really hope an idea similar to this is implemented. It encourages exploration, encountering zeds, and offers a nice alternative to wrecking a straight path to the goodies. As for the concerns over note destruction, I really don't care either way. If they are destroyed, move on, or work the longer process of opening the hardened safe. If notes are indestructible you could level a building to find them, but the cost and time to do so may not be shorter than trying to crack the safe or find the notes. Excellent idea Damocles.
  12. Does the special radiation zone expand or move over time? Changed from 2.4 to 2.5 with the same NitroGen map (v0474, that was set for Darkness Falls zones). In 2.4 the radiation zone was where one would expect, right at the edge of the red area on the map. Using the same map with 2.5 the zone has extended beyond that point and is now covering some normal traders. Is this normal behavior or is something up? [EDIT] Checking the buffs.xml and it appears that 2.4 using "wasteland_hub" ID 12 for the radiation zone. While 2.5 is using biome ID 8 which is "wasteland". Is this correct? If so, I'd likely need to use one of the default DF maps or wait until NitroGen updates for these changes?
  13. Hello KhaineGB! This is a fantastic mod! Makes the 7 days world much more alive, I find the progression more interesting, love all the zombie types, the rad zone, omg! So much great stuff. Fan-TASTIC. Dug through the thread a little, but my search fu is not that great on these forums. 1. Can traders come back if they die? Or are they gone for good? 2. Sounds like the gyrocopter was out, then rare drop? Where does this stand now? The recipe is in the crafting list but we haven't found a way to make it. Again, thanks for making this!
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