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  1. Interesting, maybe I'll give the same POI another test.
  2. Progressing slower than in previous versions so I haven't seen a real strong blood moon yet, looking forward do it. - Junk sledge is good entertainment on blood moon night, random zeds flying around. - Really like the candy buffs, mostly use the harvest increase, lockpick, and zero fall damage ones. - Auto shotgun is stupid gory, its great. - Loving the massive amount of POIs. Just wish the trader would do a better job of assigning you one. Maybe save the last (or last couple) POI type assigned to make sure a different one is chosen for the next mission.
  3. Yeah, I've cleared horde nights in the past. This just seemed so short, perhaps just the new low stage zombie counts.
  4. Does the blood moon horde give up after a while now? Is there a director like AI that decides not to spawn any more? Is the total horde amount determined by game stage? Can early game stages be cleared of zombies with 3 to 4 hours left of night? I haven't had issues with smaller POIs or my own small base, they seem to be endless. The horde appeared to have given up (stopped spawning) when I decided to hold up in the prison POI. I am using Nitrogen with some mega cities. When setting up the prison for the blood moon I knocked out the short ladders in each tower and knocked out the metal walkways out of the main cell building. The blood moon started and I walked around the top of the wall clearing zombies that were attacking the wall. After maybe 12 - 20 zombies they stopped arriving. I figured they were stuck on another nearby POI so I ran around looking for them, nothing. I visited a number of other POI and stood out in the middle of open ground, but nothing showed up. Working as intended? Do I just need to get to later game stage? Or perhaps the zombies were spawning too far out and getting stuck on other POIs due to Nitrogen?
  5. Poked around the forums and site a bit. Is the Monday steam update like a midnight release, once the team is in the office release, or it's there when it's there release? I'm guessing the last option, but "secretly" hoping for the first.
  6. *Drools* I've been avoiding the streams this patch, wanting to jump in mostly blind for my first A19 runs.
  7. Yeah, the main strength of the original idea was the promotion of exploring a POI more fully, prompting more zed encounters, and the additional satisfaction of finding something.
  8. Yeah, the radius hints are great. Could work the same for notes, key cards, fobs, etc, giving you a hint of which room(s) contain the needed pieces to open the safe.
  9. If the trend they are looking for is to feel like generic mmo X then I suppose arrows pointing at everything is the way to go.
  10. I don't really care what the Fun Pimps select. The idea is excellent for any player. What the Fun Pimps select is their business and does nothing to lower the quailty of the idea itself. Also "New Player".... are you suggesting that ALL new players do not like searching / exploring content?
  11. I really hope an idea similar to this is implemented. It encourages exploration, encountering zeds, and offers a nice alternative to wrecking a straight path to the goodies. As for the concerns over note destruction, I really don't care either way. If they are destroyed, move on, or work the longer process of opening the hardened safe. If notes are indestructible you could level a building to find them, but the cost and time to do so may not be shorter than trying to crack the safe or find the notes. Excellent idea Damocles.
  12. Looks like it was an issue of needing to press recalculate stability. Apparently a required step. I used recalc stability in the prefab editor and in the game world before setting foot on the structure. Seems to have fixed the issue.
  13. Is it not possible to add a prefab while in a game (not the world editor) and NOT have it collapse? I feel like I'm missing a step, using the wrong blocks, or maybe it just can't be done in game now? [EDIT] Forgot to add a step of editing windows.xml so the xuiLevelTools shows up in the game and not just the world editor. 1. Build prefab in prefab editor. Reinforced concrete at the ground level. 2. Save prefab. 3. Load game, enable dm and cm. 4. Place a 1x1 selection box by pressing z. 5. Press k to open dynamic prefab menu. 6. Find prefab and "Load into prefab". This shows the green selection area where the prefab will be placed. 7. Open dynamic prefab menu again and press "Apply BB position". 8 The prefab loads. 9. Save world, exit, and start the world back up. 10. If I try to walk on or use ladders in the prefab is just starts to melt and collapse. I've tried a few different building sizes but they all just melt once your character interact with them.
  14. Great instructions. Thank you!
  15. Does the special radiation zone expand or move over time? Changed from 2.4 to 2.5 with the same NitroGen map (v0474, that was set for Darkness Falls zones). In 2.4 the radiation zone was where one would expect, right at the edge of the red area on the map. Using the same map with 2.5 the zone has extended beyond that point and is now covering some normal traders. Is this normal behavior or is something up? [EDIT] Checking the buffs.xml and it appears that 2.4 using "wasteland_hub" ID 12 for the radiation zone. While 2.5 is using biome ID 8 which is "wasteland". Is this correct? If so, I'd likely need to use one of the default DF maps or wait until NitroGen updates for these changes?
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