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  1. If i sit and think about it. i think. given time i can rationalize parts of the loot system. but i think the leveling up system still bothers me for the most part. that and the way they are handling injuries. but ya poi's are the biggest thing for me to o3o
  2. I'm sure this thread will lose track quickly due to paragraphs but. I figure it be worth asking. I'll start. I love the new points of interest layouts and new points. like pop culture refs and buildings being bigger with more and interesting loot. each building is more interesting then a zombie filled house with 2 floors. it takes longer to get through them and they have alot more in them its nice. I also love the new variety of zombie models as for a dislike. I don't like that better tools use so much more stamina. (also the current perk system is broken feeling to me. >n>)
  3. I started my game from about 3 days ago before the most recent alteration and i had a floating block with a tree seed growing out of it that would pulse purple and white. block had a question mark. I assume i planted or had somthing near there that they removed changed or added im not sure. Couldn't play it anymore though saddly :c just ruined it for me cause it caused me to lag every time i turned and i could see see it through walls.
  4. I had not used the blunderbuss since flat pressure plate mines were just requiring gunpowder and scrap metal so somewhere around alpha 12 or earlier. I usually defaulted to a really crappy pistol over the blunder and hardly ever foudn them. now i've found like 20. which I don't really mind. my bigest change though? im using clubs and not specing into tool crafting levels. because it takes more materials to make iron or steel or whatever tools and duct tape and forged iron early game is annoying to do. tried to make a trench with an iron shovel earlier today and it took HOURS. reeeeeeee
  5. incase it wasen't clear. I do not like gore blocks. I liked looting zombies how ever. though i can overlook that in light of other changes like adding the one rare yellow bag from a zombie every so often. ment i was less likely to hurt myself trying to dig through enemies for loot. but gore blocks made it nearly impossible to loot zombies when they were still around. zombies would decay faster then i could get out during the blood moons. also to show WHY i don't like gore blocks. one of my first interactions with them. I killed a zombie and tried to back up and was blocked and was nearl
  6. my point still stands for early game guns. first few days disable guns outright if need be. or have extremely low level ones and re balance damage or ammo drops. regardless. doesn't matter. helmet lights take time to get. it requires getting the mod and that isent always available before the 7th day when its most important to see. and i don't feel like bleeching my eyes during the day to see at night and need to change my stuff every little bit just to satisfy bad design choices. its hard not to get hit in multiple succession (twice) when my enemies are wolves dogs and spider zombies w
  7. there are ways to fix the weapon spawning like the ak. maybe no auto weaponry prior to day 2 or 3. idk. as said. I've never managed to find an ak sept near like the 5th or 6th day myself. I agree bows are far more enjoyable but in this current alpha? i said screw it and only used clubs. its far superior to anything else i had. and you know what? it gets boring after a while. as for lighting. that should be a option client side. not game side. I cant see zombies in the distance anymore when trying to defend my base. there beyond the light of the torches. :c i get that injury is to be exp
  8. In previous beta's. I was lucky to ever find an ak after several hours of looting. I normally found single shot rifles and shotguns. all of poor quality. and rarely pieces of sniper rifles. my point is. if playing single player. you could alter or fine tune the rng values of some weapons if were talking single player. your worrying about the one person playing. if its annoyance over several people playing. thats still a pvp thing. i know its not as easy as just changing some values but this game has been out for 7 years now. its been more then playable since alpha 15. its just. frustrating to
  9. I kinda assumed. because I couldn't understand why they were done overall and the only way i could rationalize some of them was for pvp reasons. If im mistaken i apologize but some of the changes that have been made to the gameplay just baffle me. maybe they won't make it to the full build of 19 and alot more changes will go through idk. im hoping the day the game is finally released that ill still be able to enjoy it.
  10. as someone who has been playing since alpha 7 (or somewhere in there. I had to do a little digging to see what alpha was out when i started playing in 2013. the game released 2 weeks before i bought and started playing it) so 7-8 I can say with 100% assurance. this game is one of the biggest head scratches when it comes to gameplay over the years. its better then when it started... but it also is not? to be clear. I have technically never set foot in a game with other people that were not friends i invited (post alpha 17 when they put in peer to peer connections) so all my exp is single player
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