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  1. Be strong Jax, if 7 days or MM can't kill ya then neither can this get well soon.
  2. IMHO way back when zeds ran in the dark in buildings was amazing, so many jump scares and it really made clearing poi's fantastic and something that set 7d2d apart.
  3. I'm talking about a 'BOOK' to reduce heat /sigh
  4. Seriously? this is how you envisioned this game, instead of just taking clothes or armour off to cool down we have to read a book, come on :/
  5. But I'm sure it would be a static block with a slightly different texture as lets face it thats what matters...
  6. As much as I hate agreeing with Guppycur, THIS!!!!
  7. Your condescension skill increases by +1 /sigh
  8. Shame you cant use them til endgame then isnt it...
  9. I wasnt aware weapon mods in this alpha were endgame items, guess I will just keep the masses of moddable weapons that drop at level 1...
  10. Well my GPU and CPU are running continuously at 90 degrees+ so maybe you should have called it that
  11. Considering how much you hyped the weapon and armour mod system, kinda a shame that players have to wait to get to such a high level before they get to appreciate and enjoy it...
  12. If the desert is not viable at early game stage then why the hell do you insist on spawning new players there?
  13. Thanks for updating your map Curbolt, much appreciated, looks to me like they plonked the old map down in in the middle of a bigger map, lots of space going to waste.
  14. Seriously, thank you Bigc90210!!! this made a huge difference on my system, especially in regards to the temperatures my GPU and CPU were hitting, better frame rates, less spikes in FPS...
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