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  1. How can I help? So I tweaked a setting and restarted the server last night. This time it gave me the entire console readout and shutdown gracefully. This happened the first time it built, but hasn't done it since. For science, I've launched from both the Steam play button, start dedicated, and I think there's an .exe in the folder too?
  2. When I started my dedicated server, all I get is the INF Winthread Started. No logs or any info on what's going on. When I want to shut it down, i type shutdown in the box...and nothing. Console window stays the same, I can see the application still taking resources, but I can no longer connect to server. I hate just crashing it. Is this normal?
  3. Overall, enjoy improvements of game and play it happily. Been doing this for a solid 4+ years now? Every big alpha that comes out, we roll a new world and play for hours again. As part of a small group of people that play I am/was the crafter. The major skill overhaul has kind of stolen my thunder. My group mates still do what they do, just takes them a bit longer now to get where they need to go skill wise. The more advanced they get, the less they need me, the less fun it is for me. I no longer have my niche, and have to branch into things more than I did in A17 than I care to. I just want to stay behind and build, and not waste my labors on fighting.
  4. So looking at changes for crafting, as it's much more diversified, I'm really not going to like it. I understand I'm probably in the small minority, but I like being the crafting bitch. I like buildings things, making all the ammo, and have it my job to supply the base and people with things. I'm having a hard time figuring out how useful I'll feel and how much enjoyment I'll get when the changes push through and I'm forced to take up more arms.
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