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  1. The reason we are trying to just dump the mods into the main install folder, is when you try to run steam and use the launcher, it no longer remembers the controller config properly.. for instance, instead of l3 running, it pops up the steam keyboard overlay. It took them SO long to reach another stable we aren't too worried about dumping the starvation mod into the main game install.. we can always update using the launcher, and then dump the updated files into the game folder when we see a starvation update.
  2. I see that this is updated for 16.4 now.. cool! I want to run a server on one of our local extra systems and then use our two gaming pcs to connect to it. We use rat for running our server, and use steam big picture mod for dualshock 4 controller support. I'm thinking the easiest setup is installl the launcher, download the mod, grab the mod folder and dump it into the server install folder, and then on both the gaming pc folders, and then startup the server, launch the games from steam big picture mode, and then connect to out server. That make the most sense? I just fire it up once to have a looksee, and I LOVE seeing the wind on the trees and plants like what we saw in Witcher 3! That looks a lot more "alive". I'll have to read up more since so much has been added to the vanilla game. Question: I read something about machete crafting being broken.. was someone mistaken, or is it actually broken?
  3. As far as extra slots... theres a mod that adds extra slots to the minibike, making it more valuable to craft. Maybe that is an easy option to add that appeases people who want more slots, but not imbalance loot collection too early in the game? I've got all the changes documented here somewhere if you want them.
  4. If I install the compo pack and you make the last few fixes will I see those when I update compo pack, or will they only be for unexplored locations?
  5. Awesome! Would it be possible to save a partial existing poi, import it, build more onto it, and then save it out? Here's my thought... I'd like to build a deep mine poi, incorporating some of the industrial building parts as underground rooms. The descent would have lighting, and personal lighting would be discouraged. I'd have underground navigation like the skyscraper, and at the bottom of the descent would be a chest with some select rare loot making it worthwhile getting down. I'd want to save the rock work and ground as well. I'd like it DEEP, and it would have to spawn only in high rgw elevations as as result. Does this sound possible?
  6. Won't the the new a16 changes make this obsolete?
  7. I dunno... On screen, he's down to 15 fps.
  8. How you can have that many on screen and not be down to a slideshow is beyond me. We really don't want to turn all the eye candy off the be able to run well... It adds so much atmosphere.
  9. Cool. I'd hate to see a lot of work lost because of updates.
  10. I'm wondering if your new spawning system will still work once the put the sleeper system in place. it sounds like they are replacing many wandering zombies with static ones that aren't trigger until you create an event in proximity to them. They might be making major hard coded changes to achieve the change.
  11. Gareee

    True Survival

    That's where playing smart comes in handy... Lure them away from things you don't want blown up, or to things you do want blown up.
  12. D'oh! I'm mixing up conversations with server manager and mod launcher. My TOTAL bad!
  13. When you set the game time, it sets to time-16 hours, according to your reply a week or so ago. You mentioned it was a bug you'd forgotten to fix. I'd think it would just be a simple math adjust or input error.
  14. Did you fix the time set bug? I find we are using it quite often. I'm hoping distant freinds can connect to a server using this tomorrow or Sat. Specific info on requirements and what ports need to be opened was a bit hard to pin down. We used steam to connect the other night, but I suspect that probably introduces more lag that a standalone home server.
  15. Nope, no home theater in this one... But it has a basement spa, and a hidden basement concrete safe room... ...which we never use because we like to defend at night and grab that sweet, sweet loot!
  16. I might have actually found a perfect mansion.. does it have a pool on one side, and a outdoor fenced pavilion on the left with three campfires?
  17. Spider, the downloads I'm seeing are compo mod, and then the bad company mod. If I'm ready by things right, the bad company mod install will over write the compo rwgmixer. If it does, then the only poi's that will show up are the ones included in and listed in the bad company rwgmixer. If that's the case, then you really don't need the compo mod, since many of its buildings are included in bad company. Or do you have a custom new rwgmixer for random gen that is based off bad company and includes the additions from compo? I stripped out the animal zombies and bandits from bad co, and wanted to add in the additional compo buildings, but that's a lot of adding to the mixer, and I still havent really modded it at all yet
  18. I'm not sure if I even have a working one now. I'll have to do a normal folder install and test to see if its doing what it should. I suspect that its not emptying the contents of its temporary my mod folder, and new files might or might not be getting dumped into it. I kept think "I'd already made that change!" when seeing issues, and repeatedly fixing it. It might also be that you really need to save a my mod after every addition OR subtraction from it as well. As it is now, you can make multiple changes before saving, which might have confused it.
  19. What I'm doing if creating a work bad company folder, and editing the xml files. I zip that up, uploading it to one drive, and then replace the previous version in the my mod with the new link from one drive. I had everything working, and had a few my mod versions so I decided to clean everything up. I deleted the myh mods, created a frexh one, added compo and then my onedrive link of the latest version, and when I ran it, the bad company zombies were no longer added at all. They had been working though with the previous mymod using that onedrive link. This seemed like a good way to develop a mod and test it out, but its proving now to probabl;y be more work than manually creating a work game folder.
  20. I've been trying to use this to modify an existing mod, but I think there;s something either wrong or that I don't understand. Here's wat I'm doing.. please LMK if its not how its supposed to be done. I create a new my mod, and add the compo mod. I then add bad company, and test. It works fine. I then make some changes to bad company, remove it, and then replace it with the new version and save. I test, go in amd make another updated version of bad company, delete the first update, replace it with the new version, and save. I repeat the test and process. After 6 or 7 versions, I'm not seeing the proper bahavior in the game. I delete the my mod completely, create a new one, and then ad the latest version of Bad Company, and its completely broken and has no effect in game at all. Am I missing a step somewhere, or doing something wrong? My impression is that this creates a new game folder, and adds the mods contents to that folder, and directs the game to use it when you hit play. Could this be leaving behind some files when you switch mods for testing? Or maybe you need to save after deleting a mod, and then re edit again to add another new mod? I haven't been sure if I've done something wrong, or if the workflow I'm using is a incorrect.
  21. I'll try that, but I do have the latest net framework on this system. If it errors again, I'll link that log - - - Updated - - - I had cleared everything off, and redownloaded the oneclick, and that seems to have done the trick! Thanks! I didn't save the error log so you can look it over though... sorry. If I get another error on either system, I'll give you the log and a head's up.
  22. I'll check to see which version each are running. This is probably why we couldn't do the lan game the other day.
  23. I think it does.. I need to check to see if this is installed on this system. Its easy to work on this one because it has a normal monitor and desk.. my other game system is on a 82" tv, and sitting on the couch working on this is slower going. EDIT: I thought you were talking about net framework, which has the latest installed. I really like this tool for combining several mods for launching organised and quickly.
  24. I got things working fine on my one system here, but for some reason I get a script error if I install this on my other system. If I unzip the release it looks to run fine, but the installer with the auto updating would be more desirable. This is on windows 10.. any ideas what might be broken? It installed fine on my other system. If I use the second one click install, I get an application launch error. It said the error was sent to the website, but here's a onedrive copy of the error: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjYp78Zx8Mnfgr5zemtFRhHFOE0AkQ
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