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  1. No worry. If someone has all the parts and the perk, I can spawn one in for them. BTW, there a nasty bug swapping chest parts like the hazmat chest.. if you don't manually remove and replace the part, to loose whatever was being worn in the quick swap. I replaced lost parts, but it doesn't look like I can spawn in steel chest armor (I'm using rat as the server manager.)
  2. To update do just the servers needed to be updated, or do all players need to update as well? These changed for look like we need to start new game... They don't, correct?
  3. Is machete creating working? I have a blade, but can't make a full machete.
  4. We gave up on the smith station and the diesel.. its far easier to just mine some shale and use the chemical station. So far the smith station is the only one that really has issues we've run into. Oh, incase they don't know, they don't have controller support button selection for the popup menus... you have to use kb/mouse for them. - - - Updated - - - The problem we saw was we had all the parts, but the diesel didn't highlight like it could be crafted. We tried every common kb/mouse to select it to craft, but nothing looked like it did anything. Do you have to level up the smith at the station before he will make specific items?
  5. We could not get the smith recip[e for the diesel selected so he could make it, even though we had all the parts. He finally died. Is there a yt video on how to use the smith station?
  6. We have the Smith station, but still cannot make the diesel with all parts. And the durability of the Smith station is steadily going down, even though food is about 5 blocks away. How do we repair it, and how to we craft the diesel in in?
  7. We are stuck with the generator housing production as well, and you need that to use the moonshine still for had production.
  8. Ok, I don't see the moonshine still recipe anywhere. where do you craft it at?
  9. We have the science and chemical stations, and have read the gas can recipe.. but we can't seem to make gas cans from gas barrels anymore. Are we missing something? Also, where do you make pain killers? We just had horde night 35.. the previous one was nothing.. 35 recked our base.. lol! Starvation doesn't seem like an appropriate name for the mod though.. animals are plentiful, and we are swimming in meat, eggs, and canned goods. We are loving the extra crafting stations, and are looking forward to recruiting npcs...
  10. Good to know. We just abandoned the game and rerolled. My side is loving the oven, chicken coop and rabbit hutch. She also popped into a trader, and was surprised by bandits populating it... Lol!
  11. I had something similar without starvation installed. open the game launcher from steam, and turn OFF exclusive full screen mode. Start the game, shut it down, and then run the launcher again, but this time with it turned back on. There is something screwy between nvidia drivers and the 7 days exclusive full screen mode going on.
  12. Question: I overnighted outside the nuclear plant, and contracted radiation. Even after I die, I still have it as well. If there some easy first week way to get rid of it, or do I just need to start a new game? On my character page,m there isn't any listed cure or solution, and the radiation wiki page is blank.
  13. I haven't seen any command options at all for them... We are using a controller though, and it could be I need to use a numeric kb for commands. I put mine on an enclosed rooftop, and wasn't to put him on the ground to patrol.
  14. I missed that reply.. So they are basically just cosmetic wandering around? Can you pick them up and relocate them, and do they need to be enclosed so the won't wander away?
  15. I think animal spawn rate is fine... At least it's better than seeing 50 more of the same 10 zombies. Large boulders and barbed wire fences are your freinds, and you need the meat from them. I have that pet panther... I can't play with him because he eats the toy... Do I do anything with him at all? Do I even feed him?
  16. Another pet question.... I was luck enough to get a panther cub. I made a toy to toss and he should bring it back.... Instead, he went and ate it without returning it. Do I have to check his inventory somehow to retrieve it, or can you not play fetch with panthers? Also, how do I feed him? Same as with the dog, or is he care free?
  17. Hey guys... We are still making a run with this, and linking a lot of the additions. I checked the wiki and most of the thread, but we can't figure out how to tame a pig, or a dog. We made the whip for the pig, but using it on them just seems to kill them. Same thing with the noose for the dog. Is there a yt video showing some one actually taking something? I also noticed posts earlier in the thread mentioning a new hud with food and water on it. Did that not make the 16.4 release? Going to go try to take some animals... Man, the meat is piling up!
  18. We shouldn't be getting loss from a system on our home network, should we? Everything shows great speeds, and the server system is a top of the line i7 surface pro 4.
  19. We've got another 6 hours in, and we did see rain for a while, though it only lasted 15 minutes or so. One thing we are noticing, is it looks like we are getting more of that "ten foot reach" from zombies. On occasion, there have been times my wife wasn't close enough to hit them, but they could hit her. I thought the pumps had reduced that issue... Is there any potential solution for it? We were lucky enough to spawn near desert, so food hasn't been you bad an issue, since you can always go grab some yucca in a pinch.
  20. I've visited the wiki page.. is there somewhere else to read up on changes to the original game? We weren't aware of the ceramics forge (and glass) and coming back we just learned of the donkey. I'm not a huge fan of the big bags for the same reasons as many. If we stick with starvation I might add Anna's bigger minibike inventory though. So far the mod has been a breath of fresh air.. coming across animals we'd never seen before and learning to deal with them, and learning to manage the sanity thing. The only nits I've had are the font on the quest boxes is kind of small and hard to read, and the bed icon when sleeping seems kind of dark compared to the other icons. We are having a blast loving/hating the changes though... Thanks!
  21. Was sand and glass removed from the forge? Was it put in somewhere else?
  22. What I ended up doing was updating at with both the bag company server support, and alloc's server updates, then installing the mod on each pc. Once they were all installed (I just did that to make it easier) I installed the server master into the sever install folder, as well as the mod install. I then manually copied the mod into each game pc's 7 days to die game folders. That connects fine, and seems to play fine! Now I just have to read up on basics like how to rest.
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