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  1. Agreed...the bangs just look too neat and straight cut to me. The rest looks like a huge upgrade, but the hair ruins her for me. Great to see the food and water bars back, so there's that.
  2. Plains might be a better sub biome of the wasteland, helping to blend the harsh change of scenery. It could include splat hills with grass on top but rocky looking cliffsides. (and a verions of those could go in the wastelands as well to add some much needed interest. Kind of like mother nature is taking back the outer edges of the wastelands. If the biomes are dithered between each other in like early a17, you would get some nice random blends almost making the blended zones looking like even more biomes. That replaces some of the world diversity we lost. Wetlands could also then could be a sub biome of the forest.
  3. When we played and had plains we were also using a mod that added unique animals to it so they weren't just bland and boring. The hyenas were brutal, and the rhinos were a nasty surprise to be avoided. Modders were what made the plains really interesting to us, combined with unique resources in the different biomes. I DO miss that as well.. having to travel to specific biomes for specific elements. Its too easy now to find everything you need within a city block.
  4. It is not that I specifically want the plains biome back.. I just want more outside diversity than what we currently have. The different forest biomes were consolidated into one look, so we lost those differences. Other biomes were just yanked out completely without anything replacing them. Perlin caves were replaced with a few poi versions that are few and far between. (IF they even spawn on a map.) We lost rivers, random water bodies, and bridges from RWG. Then we also lost the capability of planting different ground types to add to our base building options. Thats around 10 RWG variables we lost that added outdoor diversity, which is a LOT to loose. Inside pois are great now, but outside we have only 4 biome types with random hills. It could almost be argued that even though the older alphas didn't look near as nice, they were more realistic and interesting to explore than what we have now. (Minecraft realized this value and has like 17 biomes now.) Nitrogen can at least restore river generation, but modders are locked out of adding additional biomes. (Not having it hard coded would at least give them the capability of putting back some of what we lost.) As far as avoiding wasteland, we do a bit until we get significant weapons and vehicles do deal with it, and then mostly use it for vulture baiting for the meat and feathers and car scavenging. I'd LOVE to see someone in TFP working on getting our biome diversity and feature list back to what we used to have. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was a lot more interesting to explore.
  5. Oh, I know...I was just giving you crap. After a horde night a month ago where our fps dropped down into the teens (no idea why) we decided to take a break till a19, hoping whatever caused it will be fixed. I haven't beeen around here much as a result, when suddenly I started actually getting thread notifications, so I popped back in. Btw, if you've never played days gone on the PS4, try it. The motorcycle mechanics are amazing, and it might give you some ideas with your vehicle mods since it had upgrades. Forewarned though, the world will really spoil you.
  6. I've been asking for a parasail or hang glider for years now, and pointed out Breath of the Wild's gameplay as an example. Glad to see the idea is resurfacing!
  7. I'm the opposite because early game has the most survival challenges now. I die more the first week than the rest of a 70 day game.
  8. Yeah play wise but for testing and evaluation, you need to see several examples of what a generator can actually do. I don't dig into details when I preview a play world, I jut look at things like biome diversity, size and general placement, as well as number and size of cities. Just seeing rivers again and real lakes felt SO much better again! (and having to navigate around them vehicle wise), or building bridges across them is something I forgot I missed. I wasn't overly fond of the plains, but it added needed variety to what I discovered going over the next hill, and as much as I hated the overly loud frog sounds, I really miss the marsh biome because again it added variety.
  9. This doesn't give you fly throughs, but he shows the options available as well as several different maps he generated with map previews. You'll see lakes, rivers, roads connecting cities, and various setting combos like a ton of lakes, or various City sizes. It takes so little time to generate the maps I'll roll several different ones before deciding on a keeper we'll play for several months. The biggest issue I see with his maps are sometimes blending between poi ground and the generated terrain, but that could be because some user pois are huge, like the theme park with the giant Minions. It's like 8 city blocks squared. Thanks for looking into it. It could be a HUGE game changer for 7 days, and many of us only play a18 using nitrogen worlds now.
  10. Nope he uses his own random gen and added about 30 sliders for things like city/town/rural density, road width, rivers and his wasteland areas are actually blasted craters from bombs. (and you can even select if they have pois, and what percentages of then they have. He even added the capability to add additional poi zones, working with user created pois. (For instance there are a bunch of user created chinese buildings, and all only spawn in a unique chinatown district.) It can import elevations created by outside world generators as well, so you could hand paint one, or use satellite images to generate one in an external application and then import that in!
  11. Its not about lack of fun.. its about an improved immersive outdoor experience. You "improved" biome generation by eliminating 2/3rds of them, completely eliminating hill deco (giving them that empty barren 90's world experience look) and making every hill almost un navigable with a vehicle because of all the small scale bumpiness. IMHO you guys should seriously look at acquiring Nitrogen as a standalone world gen tool in the game. The biome generation is vastly more diverse, and he already has so many option sliders in place that its amazing. The biggest one for me was his road generation. I never once saw an issues with any roads at all. If I had my ideal situation, he would get Nitrogen picked up by TFP, get funding to work the last few kinks out of it and pretty it up some, and TFP coders could get input from him what needs to be changed to improve what is possible. (Like no deco on hills and slopes, and either creating new biomes or adding more sub biomes.) The focus of the game has gone so far towards indoor play that the outdoor play diversity has suffered drastically. One guy did this himself, so the cost couldn't be that high, vs tying up your own coders for months on end trying to get even half the functionality. Seriously, Madmole can someone at least PLEASE look at his interface and all the options he's made available for players? It would be a win win for all involved, and that development time from the RWG guys could be cut drastically, and their expertise could be better utilized.
  12. The fog looks great, but I'd REALLY like to see ground fog as well/instead.
  13. Is Damacoles ok? I don't see any posts from him since around Dec 10th.
  14. The bat is my end game go to melee weapon. That said, I REALLY would love to hear the traditional baseball "charge" chord when you do a power hit kill.
  15. Um.......sweet? That is however going to land you in that same old "no new content released for 6 months thing" again though. We all know target dates slip, so April becomes October like a18. I'd hate to see you loose the momentum you gained with a18. Any chance we could at least get some of the easier to add without breaking add ons like the vehicle mods or book sets earlier? (maybe release the vehicle mods one month and the book sets another month? Or.. a MadMole's Book Set of the Month Club! A monthly book set for all 2020 for those eager beaver survival readers! Collect them all! Oh, question: Has anyone checked to see if you have a tier 6 item if there are actually enough mods created for every weapon that can be added to fill all the slots? I think armor has enough, but unless I'm wrong most of the weapons don't have enough mods to fill all slots, as some mods preclude use of other mods. (Like you can't use barbed wire and spikes on a club or bat.) The compound bow has only 3 I think, and the compound crossbow only one (or two if the ergonomic shaft one works with it.) The arrow rest doesn't work in the compound crossbow so it only has the string mod.
  16. I know you guys wanted to get some kind of new content out in december and that obviously never happened. Is that slated for early Jan, or did the whole anticipated time table slip by a month?
  17. @Madmole Welcome back and Happy New Year. Can someone look at xp sharing for groups? Currently only the person who places traps gets horde night xp from them. I don't think even group shared xp goes to other group members. Ideally, since the group is working together to gather resources for traps, I would think the xp would be evenly split between them. (Or possibly weighted in favor towards the trap placer.) But on later gamestage horde nights, the xp is really valuable to level up. (Maybe this would be another good game setting option?) (I'm usually the horde base designer, but it benefits the group to all level up consistently, and seems unfair to my group members who collected or bought resources used for the traps I made.)
  18. Its SO nice to see something not run down and grungy looking in the game! Does this work with the sittable furniture mod and mods that make the stove and coffee makers work?
  19. I leave several around my base, but I noticed after 6 it so that they started disappearing. They are still there because they will fire and you can hear the hum, but you can't see them pick them up or reload them. They make great localized defense assistance for single player, and saved my begun when I forgot it was a horde night while painting... Lol!
  20. I'm happy with more halloween items for Christmas... The Jack was awesome!
  21. a ring ring bell for the bicycle, and an air horn for the 4x4....and put the glug glug sound back in for the chainsaw and auger refilling... its still there for filling vehicles but it broke in a16 I think and was never fixed.
  22. Yup.. since we no longer have the huge bodies of water, we really don't need boats. But having rivers and bridges makes land travel a challenge. I remember one navezgane playthrough at night trying to get back to the base before horde night, and having to keep stopping an look at the map to find the bridges to cross the rivers.. that was nerve wracking! - - - Updated - - - People have activated them and they work fine. Why TFP haven't unlocked them for vanilla is beyond me.
  23. Please for the love of God may the next exp be an a19 exp then! I can use Nitrogen but would like to stick with vanilla for testing and report purposes. That said, having rivers in rwg is a far bigger deal than I remembered, since it makes wanting the gyro more desirable for navigation. Two features I crave for rwg are rivers and bridges, and some kind of deco on hillsides again.. the barren hills are just so dang ugly.
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