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  1. We use dualshock 4 controllers. And haven't seen any issues with them at all. What are your steam controller settings? I know there's a timeout to turn the controller off, and on some games we need to use the generic controller setting instead of actually the ps4 controller option. (It's a bizarre steam thing.) It could be steam does have full support for the new next gen console controllers done yet, but we used to use the old Xbox controllers, again with no issues.
  2. Thanks for adding bike parts in dumpters.. I still look in them even if the mod isn't installed, and even try to look in dumpsters in other games now!;) Btw, I read someone fixed the tire mod..I installed it a week or so ago, and never saw any of the additional tire materials drop when harvested. Do you have a link to the working tire mod?
  3. Hey, Damacoles....good to see you still working in this and adding features. I tried the highways and they look great, but (at least from the one I saw) they were a lot higher than expected, making a easy cheese horde night base. Maybe they could be lowered 5-10 blocks to meet the land elevation better? A question: vanilla seems to pad space between pois so they aren't as bunched up and back to back as Nitrogen maps are. Would padding poi sides and backs be possible with biome blocks or blank poi sized spaces, so the actual pois are a little more spaced apart? Setting road width helps, but it looks like vanilla either adds blank biome poi sized spaces between some pois, or adds either back or side padding to keep them from always being right next to each other. Btw, AMAZED at the generation times! 30 seconds for a 4k, an 1.5 minutes here for a 8k! Keep up the great work!
  4. We get a19 when Big Momma says we get a19... and not a minute more!
  5. So is hype train posts and release the kraken posts now? Good to know. "Release the Hype Train!" ...did I do that right?
  6. Yeah, you need to completely wipe or move your a18 folder. I usually just rename it completely and do a launcher cleaning and fresh install. sometimes You'll want things from a previous build once they are fixed or confirmed working.
  7. Hmmm the new forums are still standing.. at least thats something! Oh, and if you are cleaning out in preparation, make sure you also manually go into your install folder and clean out junk the launcher won't clean out.. like the a18 mod folder. That'll bit you in the butt for sure! Isn't a Hitler video overdue?
  8. But...I'm watching the raft??? Wth?
  9. @fataal Since you are looking at vehicles, can you please put the headlight on the gyro? Even if it's not in the model, at least having it work would help us night flyers. (And angled down a bit would be much more useful than straight ahead.)
  10. I thought you were going to speed it up to match the motorcycle and nerf gas guzzling a little? If people don't use it for some reason or other, it's a wasted asset. We used two once in mp, and everyone took thier motorcycle back because the storage of two motorcycles was about the same, and it was just so much faster to get back. (It was nice though to use the passenger with thier map open to navigate at night.)
  11. AWESOME! I never use the 4x4 anymore because of the speed vs gas thing. BTW, can someone look at the bicycle downhill speed as well as coast duration?The downhill speed increase should offset how long it takes to ride up a mountain. As it is, uphill is maybe 1/5 full speed, but downhill is only 20% faster. Real bikes fly downhill fast unless you have the brakes on the whole time, and we should want/need to use the brakes for downhill control reasons.
  12. Burnt forest needs burning zombie dogs. Reskin them like the burning zeds, add a chance of catching fire when they bite you, and toss some spark particles on them and call them done.
  13. You also never played with the old version of them though, either. When created, they wee non bloody, and once used or damage by zombies, they became bloody, and then damaged bloody in stages. You could easily tell which spikes needed repair, or where zombies tried to get into your base with them at a glance. I really look forward to the older system for them going back in., because it just made sense and was not only more immersive, but it became a useful game mechanic.
  14. Guppy, you disappoint me. They talk about removing zombies, and the hill you choose to die on is the football player and not the stripper? Surely there are far more talking points to keep the stripper instead of the football player...lol! Since she'll be converted to a girl in a dress, maybe she can at least be a zombie stripper in a dress?
  15. How does this work in mp? Will we see zombies head tracking a focused player? Btw, I love this! Is it just the heads that track or the eyes as well?
  16. (I saw your play hours in the a19 beta thread.) Your enthusiasm for the game is great, but IMHO your desire to interact here exceeds your interest in the game itself. That's why I suggested you learn how to mod, and contribute to that pool of add-on fun. Many mods are just text editing, so you've had tons of practice ..lol!
  17. When your post time exceeds your playtime, it's time to start learning the tools of the trade.
  18. I'd quibble about rivers. You already had them working years ago, and night navigation is a fun challenge when you need the bridges to cross them. You've already done so much work fixing the bridges, and rivers aren't much different generation wise than roads. Nitrogen has rivers, and once bridges are done they'd be fine. That seems like little work investment for a big play payoff, and it also makes the gyro more valuable later game. Someone also mentioned the lack of water sounds, and adding it adds a nice immersive element. Since water is generated by points on map creation, maybe a simple background water sound could be added that falls off after a certain range? Something not overly complex, and easy to add. Little things like that add a lot of realism. I think the old burning lands used to have an eerie background howling, didn't they? I miss the fog there that made exploring them really creepy.
  19. This is what the pimp dreams thread is for .....ideas. This thread is supposed to be specifically for a19 commentary. 00% of this has been talked about for years upon years. Invest your time in learning and making mods, instead of non stop posting here.
  20. That might b a missed diversity opportunity. I know the base model probably has a painted scalp color, but maybe there can be less drastic but still different color variations? Or better still, a base hair texture color, but shader variations or just the new hair color texture? That might be worth exploring.
  21. You need to go try some of the older builds. They were crap in comparison, with zombies just stopping and running around in circles. So can't be perfect in any game, because you have to give players an opportunity to win with planning and good game playing. The only thing I'd like to see is more randomness put in like random walk styles, and more random pathfinding so they don't always pick the same paths. (Some of that is already in place, I think.) Players like Jawoodle use the creative menu to build..when you are actually 0laying gathering the resources, it's a very different experience.
  22. This was done in a mod, as well as random walk styles. TFP expressed interest in both ideas at one point, but it was just shuffled to the back burner until more important stuff gets done. As long as they leave it accessible in the xml, modders can add it back in again until TFP rolls it into an official update. Combined with the radon walk speed bursts, the random walk styles alone makes it feel like there are a lot more zombie types than there are.
  23. Praise Jeebus! I was kinda worried I'd be hating then for the rest of the game. Hopefully they'll have different hair color from each other as well. Also, thanks for the recent pic posts. It's nice to see something that isn't dismal news like everywhere these days.
  24. while i like the new female zombie looks, the hair looks dreadful to me, and is a step back from the older looks. Specifically, those band have to go, and both having the same color hair seems a poor artistic decision choice. maybe one could be a redhead? I'm not digging the more "futuristic' look of a lot of items, but its not my game so not my call. 7 days never felt like a futuristic game to me... it always felt like an alternate reality current date game instead. I DO like the more colorful looking world, and hope the rwg world splat thing that makes terrain a pain to traverse unless you are on a road is lessened. Question: Is the mentioned vehicle damage and repair feature still in a19, or did it get pushed back?
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