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  1. We use dualshock 4 controllers. And haven't seen any issues with them at all. What are your steam controller settings? I know there's a timeout to turn the controller off, and on some games we need to use the generic controller setting instead of actually the ps4 controller option. (It's a bizarre steam thing.) It could be steam does have full support for the new next gen console controllers done yet, but we used to use the old Xbox controllers, again with no issues.
  2. Thanks for adding bike parts in dumpters.. I still look in them even if the mod isn't installed, and even try to look in dumpsters in other games now!;) Btw, I read someone fixed the tire mod..I installed it a week or so ago, and never saw any of the additional tire materials drop when harvested. Do you have a link to the working tire mod?
  3. Hey, Damacoles....good to see you still working in this and adding features. I tried the highways and they look great, but (at least from the one I saw) they were a lot higher than expected, making a easy cheese horde night base. Maybe they could be lowered 5-10 blocks to meet the land elevation better? A question: vanilla seems to pad space between pois so they aren't as bunched up and back to back as Nitrogen maps are. Would padding poi sides and backs be possible with biome blocks or blank poi sized spaces, so the actual pois are a little more spaced apart? Setting road width helps, but it looks like vanilla either adds blank biome poi sized spaces between some pois, or adds either back or side padding to keep them from always being right next to each other. Btw, AMAZED at the generation times! 30 seconds for a 4k, an 1.5 minutes here for a 8k! Keep up the great work!
  4. Is Damacoles ok? I don't see any posts from him since around Dec 10th.
  5. Its SO nice to see something not run down and grungy looking in the game! Does this work with the sittable furniture mod and mods that make the stove and coffee makers work?
  6. I see that with vanilla as well.. I think its a a18 bug.
  7. Are you pining for the fjords?
  8. I think I have something set wrong on generation...cities are looking less natural than vanilla. What I think I'm seeing is each poi is treated like a city block, with roads mostly around them. Shouldn't instead I see several pois next to each other and possibly behind them, and then roads around those clusters like a real world city block? (I'm not sure if I have something set wrong, or if this is how nitrogen is supposed to be generating them. I'll follow this up with my settings screen cap.
  9. Thanks for that suggestion. Using the next grid size down and one up wider roads than nitro default looks like it gives me more the vanilla 7 days feel. Some of the issues in seeing might just be because of compopack's pois. Smaller ones appearing in odd places. I wonder if some could/should be moved to biome deco? It IS great thought to had the quest puzzle pois along with a mix of more standard ones, and it's SO good to see some places I hadn't seen since a16.
  10. I seem to recall reading a post about this not replicating the same pois in a town. I added compopack 40, so there should be plenty of pois to choose from when generating, but I've seen the same poi adjaent to itself several times now in just wandering a world in game to see whats generated. Maybe that check got bugged along the way? With default road widths the cities feel cramped compared to vanilla... would a border of 1 or two blocks around each poi be added to space them apart better? - - - Updated - - - I'm pretty sure one of the options added recently does this. Did you explore the generation options?
  11. I was pricing parts a few years ago and stumbled across them.. they use custom cases, but everything else was off the shelf. nvidia branded gpus, asus mb, crucial memory, ect. When I priced out the parts and windows 10, it was 200 more to get the parts about assemble a pc myself.. so I just bought two of them for my wife n myself.
  12. Check Black Friday sales... We purchased some iBuyPower ones from Best buy several years ago, and they are stock name brand parts, and it was cheaper than buying them separately and assembling one by hand.
  13. I have 16 gb memory.. is there any advantage or reason to allocate more for java in the bat file? I only have it running when generating. If it is beneficial, 10-14 gig could probably be allocated, I'd think.
  14. I've actually already done that for vanilla several weeks ago. I'll have to post mine in case someone wants it. I do however like what Nitrogen does, and compared with the other more complex options, biome size options seems like a pretty easy addition. Damocles, is there any way we can assist you in development?
  15. I've already tried that, but it's still barely legible from my distance. That's ok though... It's so fast I can put it on my surface pro and generate the worlds that way. Thanks for the reply though!
  16. Im not overly fond of them either (especially after a 75 day playthrough of mainly burning lands) but that said, having options for amounts does make sense for those that do like them. It would also make sense for destroyed or burned buildings having a much higher chance of being a poi that is generated in those zones to fit their theme. I never saw an answer.. when you select the custom poi list, what specific file name does the generator look for? Instead of renaming the vanilla list and renaming the new custom list, it would make sense that it looks for a specifically named list. Also, is there some work around to incread text field length along with increased font sizes? (I'd ideally want to use around 30, and there is plenty of screen real estate for it to fit.) (This is what I'm trying to read at default settngs from 10 feet away. 16 is the max size I can set to make it more legible, but anything larger the field sizes are too small to fit enough text to determine what the options include.)
  17. If I'm not mistaken, download compopack 39, and follow it's instructions to install it. Then select the compo 39 in the upper run drop-down for the poi list, and generate the world. Done.
  18. Observation: It might be an interesting option to only have destroyed pois in the craters as well as having them vacant. So you could see a wasteland crater populated by only burned out houses. Not sure if thats desirable or even possible. I just did an 8k test map in the new version and it only took 2.2 minutes. AMAZING!
  19. Cool. I'll have to see if they just deleted them, or if they still exist. The campsites weren't anything special but if you spawned in the woods they had some great starter resources to begin with, and it broke up woodlands with nothing to discover. I managed to set font size 16 and its usable, but I still have to stand a few feet from the tv. Question: I downloaded compo pack 40 and its prefab list.. the dropdown liss vanilla, compo 39 and custom... to I rename the compo40 prefab list to custom to get it to be recognised? THIS was the rwg improvements I was hoping to see in a18. Once bridges can be put in place to cross rivers, other than adding new prefab groups for generation this is gold shippable IMHO. TFP should offer a buyout or hire you to fold this into the release as a standalone enhanced world gen tool. (The same should probably be said of Compo pack as well... both pretty much complete the user created add on content TFP isn't officially adding till after gold.. and that could still be 2 years away. The only concern I could see them having is assuring quest pois spawn both close enough and in sufficient quantity for traders to offer quests. In earlier builds, I watched Guppy's video and there were a lot of tall flat round hills with individual pois on them somewhat unrealistic to get to.. was this ever resolved?
  20. Guppy had mentioned this several times, and I literally just read through the entire thread to follow the progress... this is simply AMAZING! A18 added a lot fo fun gameplay mechanics, but the world generation leaves a lot to be desired.. super bumpy empty hills that are ugly and hard to traverse, and seeing the same pois over and over again. Its fantastic to see compo pack supported as well, so user crated pois are a thing included easily in map creation. I've JUST managed to get the gyro in my sp game, and I was looking for a longer playthrough using it and my base, but I'd really rather explore one of these worlds instead of the ugly vanilla ones instead. A few questions... Did the cracks only in specific biomes get added? Cracks make sense in wasteland to me, and possibly desert, but not in forest. I also noticed a LOT of pois missing from earlier vanilla alphas... the big stone needle eye in desert, and the small campgrounds for example. Are those working in this? When you set a larger font, the fields don't expand to accommodate the width of the text...is there something else I need to change? (I'm doing this on a 75" 4k hdtv, and the default text size is impossible to read 10 feet away.. at size 24 (or 30) its much easier to read, but at 30 half the text doesn't fit in the field widths, and is cut off.)
  21. I'm not sure if its bad luck or if its broken in the recent update, but in about 20 dumpsters we never found a bike. (A cool variation might be to include all bike parts including wheels instead of a bike so it has to be assembled at a workbench. That gives the player more to hunt for.)
  22. They mucked about with physics and vehicles in 17.2. I didn't try the other vehicles, but the monowheel's controls are very twitchy now. it banks all the way over to the sides with a light touch. It might need to be tweaked a little.... but in our experience the mod still works as expected in 17.2
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