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  1. Very Unfortunate. Are the Dev's planning on adding any empty ID keys in the future for community modder's or could that be a community request I could bring up on the modding forum?
  2. I'm working on adding new keys to make more color tiers with 700+ quality but I can't seem to get any new colors or keys to work. Can anyone offer assistance? So far I have this. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <qualityinfo> <!--Broken Grey--> <quality key="0" color="808080"/> <!--Faulty Brown--> <quality key="1" color="9C8867"/> <!--Poor Orange--> <quality key="2" color="CF7F29"/> <!--Good Yellow--> <quality key="3" color="A2A41B"/> <!--Fine Green--> <quality key="4" color="42C234"/>
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