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  1. Please keep xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz) in CP45. Thank you for all your work on Combo-Pack.
  2. I downloaded the zip and can't find the 'Delmod Startup Packs - New Startup Packs' in there. I even cleaned off my glasses and had another look.
  3. OK, thank you, I'll check it out.
  4. I'm always on the lookout for the NEPA prefab and I can't find it in a city so I copied, changed and added two lines to the prefab list: Original line: xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz),Commercial;Industrial;ResidentialNew;ResidentialOld,0,-2,26,20,25,alone;mountain Changed and addd: xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz),Commercial;Industrial;ResidentialNew;ResidentialOld,0,-2,26,20,25,alone;citycenter;downtown xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz),Commercial;Industrial;ResidentialNew;ResidentialOld,0,-2,26,20,25,alone;citycenter I still can't find the NEPA prefab in or near an entire single tiny city map. My expertise is limited to copy, change and paste. I'm probably doing something wrong ... lol
  5. Would it be possible to have a flat map generated with the top, bottom and sides be mountains?
  6. Great mod! Lots of prefabs to check out! Nice variety too!
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