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  1. Hi, as on the perspective from an insane difficulty, 64 zombies horde night, no air drop, no loot re-spawn (and hardcore as personal option) player. I'd like to address two early game mechanics which came with a.18 and are rather time consuming features... i quite like playing on insane as i have to consider every action with several more thoughts and react to zombies as a real threat. Deer the hedgehog issue: The new primitive bow as craft-able first ranged weapon is to inefficient to kill animals. I literally chased a deer over 4 in-game hours (default cycle length). Which ended up wit
  2. Hi, i got the same Issue. I could also prove it with a picture. What you could do is hard reset the region: "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\ Save s\Old Famoha Valley\GoreVortex\Region" Old Famoha Valley is the "secret name" while GoreVortex is the public name. 0. Make sure you got the right location for you save! 1. Backup all region data and delete them(or backup the entire save). 2. Start 7dtd and the game will create the missing region a new with a new trader. Make sure your character is in the same region and check if the trader is there. 3. If so exit and copy all th
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