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  1. Thank you very much @Faatal, I was able to solve the problem, you are the best Thank you very much and I was able to solve the problem with your help and @faatal's thank you very much to both
  2. Good people, after a long time I return to the forum, and I really wanted to try the experimental and I have these graphics problems, I want to apologize if this is not the right place, I am very lost with the new forum, which is very cool by the way, I would like to know what I can do to solve this since it is very annoying, I already tried with the anisotropic x2 and it remains the same, I have all the updated drivers I leave here a video of what happens you can notice how it flickers and changes the quality
  3. Steam name: ayrtonsantos09 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198195615157/ Hours played: 1644 Started in Alpha: Alpha 14 Discord name: ayrtonsantos09 # 0332 Native language: Spanish
  4. Madmole, a query, the zombie dog, will have new skin? Can we see different dogs? at least two different types? or races?
  5. At some point I suggested the same thing, and they told me they would have to repair the world generation first, now that it works better, I think a sewer system would be good and things like that, I love your idea
  6. Madmole, going back to the theme of decoration, will we have more decoration for the routes, streets? you already know more garbage, cars, bags, rest of newspapers, ammunition casings, and things like that
  7. Madmole, another question, will we have a new decoration? in the pois?
  8. Madmole, are the legendary weapons discarded for A19?
  9. Madmole, could we see the T3 sniper rifle?
  10. Madmole, this is just a question and I apologize if it is out of line, but I wanted to know what happened to the domesticated wolf that came out a sketch, with the drone AI could this be feasible? for some next alpha? or it would be a surprise for A19 (dreaming)
  11. Thanks Madmole, as you promised, thank you very much! A gift that follows you, heals and attacks! woo !! You are the best!!
  12. I have a toaster, W10, Ram 16, I5 1t hard drive (8 years old) GTX 2060 3gb and it takes me about 13 to 16 min, all my drivers updated!
  13. Madmole, can we see the junk drone?
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