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  1. Thanks Guppy, Tin has stopped updating his mod Slaan will be done Before A17 drops i fear, its been a bigger job than he thought.
  2. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone can point me to a mod or xml for the compo pack to generate a massive city, i just need one city for a PUBG type event im trying to play with some friends. Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. Hi Jax, Just got my Linux server working with your mod, havent played much to be honest! really looking forward to it! i did have a look through some items etc and the one thing that stood out ALOT, the whole "-All weapon parts craftable with the Weapon Station" that there literally takes away a reason to continue to scavenge for parts, it makes the game alot easier, almost to a point that players will max their weapons quickly, get bored, etc etc Something i wish the fun pimps would do is make items need players to be a certain level to use the item, on my server level 200 player gives a new player level 600 tools, weapons and armor thinking they helping, but then the player has nothing to play for and gets bored quicker, would you be able to apply something like this on your mod? Great mod btw! cant belive how much is in it!!
  4. Your welcome. You sure because it's the same in SP. Is there a way to check it? Point me in the right direction and double check it.
  5. Hi dwallorde. If the fishing is broken because of the water in A16 I suggest removing it. Also the augers are OP. you can level up extremely quickly in a few minutes. I suggest lowering the exp gained. Iv had a few players hit level cap in a few days of playing. Also the zombie reach seems very far, not sure if you aware of that. Thanks. Just posting things as I find them.
  6. Hey there. Awesome mod! but has anyone else had problems with fishing? Keep getting loads of errors. Any fix I can do in the xml?
  7. Hello all, Im having an issue on my server using the EAC friendly version with the fishing, when ever a player tries to go fishing they get spammed errors and have to relog. Any help fixing it would be appreciated
  8. Hi guys. I have the EAC friendly version on my server, and when ever a player dies they loose their crosshair. Is there a fix for it? Thanks
  9. Hi Dwallorde. I don't know if you aware of this, but on my server when ever a player dies their crosshair dissappears, is there a way I can fix this? They keep having to relog to fix it. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello Everyone, was wondering is there a no massive storage mod or a smaller storage mod, kinda feel like its OP.
  11. Hello Everyone. Quick question. Is there a steam group for this mod? I want the get the RSS feed so I never miss an update etc
  12. Thanks. Is the lag fix only in the non EAC friendly version? If so any way to get a lag fix for EAC friendly servers?
  13. Hello there. If I wanted to make the mini bike storage back to default or smaller how would I go about it? With keeping the crafting lag fix. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello there. In very very interested in this mod. Looks like a nice change. Quick question, is everything unlockable later on at higher levels? Or is everything locked down in the class? Thanks in advanced.
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