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    Ravenhearst Mod

    I am having a similar problem except i started with the rifle class, and have ammo table as a schematic that i got from my class and is unlocked. I have learned the ak-47 schematic and hunting rifle as well but still cant craft 7.62 ammo. Can anyone help?
  2. MrFubar

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Is there anywhere to find a manual for the mod. I have been trying to figure out how to craft 7.62 ammo for my AK so I can continue my rifle quest. I have the ammo table which I got as part of my rifle class and when i look at the 762 it just says requires ammo table there is a 2nd blueprint for 7.62 that shows the workbench icon. It is very confusing to find what you need. I have also not been able to find any nitrate to harvest at all, just what i get from looting. What used to be nitrate in vanilla in caves is now salt. I would love some kind of manual or chart that shows what you need to make certain things, or unlock them, level, perk, if its a book etc. I am also wondering how to start a 2nd class. I would have loved to unlock the shotgun quest in addition to the rifle one since i was using that weapon anyways, but i crafted a class sheet and it doesn't seem to do anything.
  3. Looks like 14.7 was pushed out to all steam users today. I was able to keep running my server with the mod and 14.6 by going to properties and beta and picking 14.6 again. One suggestion for items, I couldn't find medicine cabinet as craftable on any bench. Please add this when you can, I know they exist in game so being able to craft them to decorate our houses would be nice. I also noticed gunpowder seems to craft considerable slower then Vanilla but i couldn't find a speed in the xml files anywhere. Is this something that was changed intentionally. It was saying about 40 minutes to craft 1000 gunpowder, thats a long time to sit in the ammo table while you are leveling.
  4. Thank you those two links will help a lot . I know why he removed the water and survivor perks, but why remove the running one and stamina increase one, they make traveling a lot harder you have to stop much more often. I would love to see those back. Edited: Those links helped me a lot, but I still think it wouldnt hurt to add on the iron tool perk description smithing bench needed to craft, or have a quest that tells you to make a smithing bench as soon as you unlock the perk. Also I noticed that the legolas perk for archery is a dismemberment perk, but other weapons, pistols shotguns etc, have two perks one for damage (The Outlaw) and one for Dismemberment (Dead Shot), archery just has the one even with the legolas perk Clockwork added. I modded my own progression and localization file to change the legolas perk to damage, identical to the outlaw, and made a new perk called Shoot your Eye out that contains the dismemberment perk that was previously legolas, this way archery has the same thing as other guns.
  5. Were the running perk (run forset run), the wellness perk (health nut) and the stamina perk (Sexual Tyanosaurus) all removed? I cant seem to find any of them. I read through the whole thread and saw that you removed the survivor, and camel and treasure hunting perk, but i didnt see anywhere that these other three were removed. I also might suggest that something in the crafting 1 perk for iron tools mentions building a smithing table. There is only currently a quest to build the workbench, and we had a guy who bought the iron tools and was raging and swearing over voice chats for 30 minutes because he built every table and couldn't build his tool. The smithing table, unlike all the other crafting tables, is found in the forge instead of player crafted directly, the only way i was able to find was by going to the youtube channel and spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the right spot in a video for you to build your tools.
  6. Is there any way to adjust how the armor skills earn increases. I would like to see you gain points while wearing and running around in the armor instead of having to be hit in it. Who tries to get hit in a zombie Apocalypse. I also feel that the armor skills should be combined into one armor skill not light, and heavy, right now there is not really any difference between the two.
  7. It looks like 14.7 B6 is available. I know you said you will have trouble being able to mod for a couple months but do you think this is something you could update. I am hoping to start a new server running your Mod, but really would like the 14.7 for the fixes to the minibike, which often caused server problems.
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