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  1. wikipedia. maybe you do not understand the diff between an overhaul and a small mod.
  2. I think that this is called modding....
  3. Steam name: rewtgr (Private profile) Hours played: 1247 Alpha started: 12?...13?... i don't remember... Discord: rewtgr#6561 Native language: Greek OS: Windows 10 I can speak/write English.
  4. Amazing job....i really thank you both for this great mod
  5. @ Guppycur Same error here too with only this mod installed. New game both 17.0 and 17.1
  6. Thanks. I was w8ing for this since you said you start working on it @Quasimiyao: 1080 is an old gpu? o.O
  7. It is still a17 E I'm talking about the future. Happy to hear that there are some tools online. I'll just enjoy the game a bit (Thats the reason i have not mess enough with the xpath ) edit: I use notepad++ but not with the xml plugin. I will try it out. tyvm.
  8. First i want to congratulate u for making this amazing tool/way to mod your game, but... I get errors cause i mistype something in the vanilla files(fixing it with trial and error). Your way is another beast. It is not very simple (ofc it needs to be complex for flexibility i know) and when i try a very simple mod i do not know if i mistype or forgot a </rect> or i mistype the commands to do the appends etc. Now i'll ask for more....is it possible to have a modded lets say windows.xml and a vanilla and a tool to compare and automate the xpath method or a way to append the values
  9. Open the console and type givequest classtrainingscholar4
  10. Long story short ANY mod the uses BBM or have in its contents "7DaysToDie_Data" Folder its is not EAC compatible.
  11. I do not use the launcher to download mods but maybe i can help. what type of error you got? from the launcher? antivirus? ...a print-screen will help us help you
  12. In Localization.txt you remove the last 6 vanilla lines (probably by mistake) and when you drink water or use an item that removes extinguishFireBuff the text is messed up. Here are the missing lines: inpActGuiLeftclick,UI,Controls Dialog,,UI primary click,,,, inpActGuiRightclick,UI,Controls Dialog,,UI secondary click,,,, ttBedrollGone,UI,Tooltip,New,Your bedroll is gone,,Dein Schlafsack ist verschwunden,, extinguishFireBuffName,buffs,Buff,New,Extinguish Fire,,Lِsche Feuer,, extinguishFireBuffDesc,buffs,Buff,New,If you happen to be on fire then this will put out the fire and prevent another
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