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  1. Thanks for the info. I have restarted the game, even left off for the night and shutdown my machine. But still having issues. Unfortunately I can't put a finger on what steps are occurring leading up to the these glitches so am unable to tell how to reproduce. Perhaps the upcoming fixes you mentioned will help.
  2. As the title suggests I keep having issues with items in my base glitching in and out. I can still interact with them when they are invisible. Items include forges, chem station, hatches, torches, and more. It seems to be occurring on one side of my base and not the other. But I could be missing something. I was hoping this might have a workaround of some sort. Perhaps I am missing something. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. I'm sure they gave their reasoning at the time. It's just been so long I couldn't remember.
  4. Is this why randomized caverns were pulled back in the day?
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