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  1. Ah ok. Thanks for the heads up and thank you for your time. 😄
  2. Firstly, @ KhaineGB you sir make an amazing mod!! Me and my friends send a big thank you for all your hard work. 😊 Secondly just wanted to ask two questions for A18 version of Darkness falls: 1) Does anyone know if the "robinhood" perks also effect crossbows? I looked last night and it said bows.. but I wasn't sure it also effected crossbows or not. 2) While trying to find answers myself to my #1 question above searching through this thread I ran into mention of a repeating crossbow. I remember that from valmod back in the day. I didn't think to check last night when I last played but is that in Darkness falls v18? How does it compare to the other crossbows like the compound crossbow? My group just got some crafted compound crossbows and we're really enjoying them. Great sound effects, works with scopes and hit like a truck with steel arrows.. feels like I'm firing a ballista! The only thing better would be a repeating ballista. 😄
  3. That's so cool!! 🥳 We didn't find a watch yet in our game, I was just going off lets plays I've seen in the past where you had to use the watch in an item slot to show the time. Is the time system you mention above in play for Darkness falls for A18.4 (so it's in game now) or is it something you have planned for A19?
  4. Greetings KhaineGB! I've been playing Darkness falls for the past month with some friends online and we're really enjoying it. Thanks a ton for making it! I just wanted to bring to your attention I saw Gupycur/Adreden worked out a real neat time system that might be a good fit for Darkness falls. For example I think it would be real cool that if you find a watch and equip it, that it would then show the time on the UI while equipped and this mod seemingly does that. Whatcha think? Source: Time mod video in question:
  5. Awesome, thanks w00kien00kie! I'll try the disabled vanilla version tonight but if you come out with one too, I'll be sure to check that out as well.
  6. Hi! I haven't played Ravenhurst myself but I read up that Ravenhurst has an inventory management quality of life that the base game doesn't! A mod that does the following: Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/7daystodie/comments/dicsrm/inventory_quality_of_life_request/ Now I've looked on this Ravenhurst mod page but heck if I can find a mention of this awesome sounding QOL tweak. Long story short can anyone tell me if this is a separate mod we could use outside of Ravenhurst for vanilla 7days? I'm hoping it is a separate mod. *crosses fingers* This sorting mod sounds amazing and I bet most vanilla 7 days players would be all over if it was an option! Thanks for your time.
  7. ryeookin

    Origin UI MOD

    Hey that did the trick, thanks! Also the -200 was the correct number for center placement I found as well. Thanks Tritox.
  8. ryeookin

    Origin UI MOD

    Great mod Great mod, many thanks to the creator. Quick question though, does anyone know how one could move the "day, time, world temperature and elevation indicators" in the top left to be just below the compass top center? If I could do that for me and my friend we'd find it perfect. I thought perhaps I just needed to edit some of the lines in xui.xml (and I see the note on "<!-- 1) added: day, time, world temperature and elevation indicators (top left) -->" ) but I can't figure out what I need to move to make that happen. *** Update *** Ok it looks like its the section "HUDInfoPanel" in the windows.xml file. I'm guessing I'll need to change the "pos" value lines for Day, Time, World temp, and elevation. Does that sound about right? If so, any suggestions on what values I should try, or will it just be me doing some trial and error?
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