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  1. Hello! I just made a few chicken coops on our server tonight for the first time and noticed an issue. I read here it should take a few days to go upgrade to each stage? They went from me placing them down to birds nests within just a few hours! After looting them I just stood there and watched as one turn to the second round stage. This would obviously be a little bit over powered. 🤣 I see where it says this in the block.xml but I just wanted to make sure the 3 is what would be fiddled around with before I change anything. <property name="GrowthRate" value="3" />
  2. The thing some people are reporting where it says Locate Trader NO TRADER when you start a game and are doing the beginning quests. It might say no trader, but there is one. When you get closer to it the text will update from NO TRADER to how close you are. At least that's what happened during experimental.
  3. I haven't tried with stable but in experimental the traders were there, it would just say that until you got really close to them.
  4. I know someone mentioned somehow some blocks being able to be "containers" for other blocks so you can have multiple voxels or something? I don't really remember the terminology. But if that became a thing then maybe one of the blocks that fits in the other blocks could be a roof block that will prevent rain, snow, etc. I am not at all a game developer so that could be a terrible suggestion and I won't be offended if I'm told so.
  5. I don't know if this has been suggested already, but one QOL thing I would love is an add to stack button on storage containers. I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley in between alphas and that's something they've either added recently or something one of my mods has. So if I go to my ammo box and I click the add to stack button, all ammo in my inventory that already exist in that box gets added to that box. It saves so much time on inventory management! You can go box to box clicking add to stack and only have to manually add things if they are unique or you don't have any of them in storage yet.
  6. I've tried that and have had it not work. It says the ID and I still end up punching the farm plot or the wall or another plant or whatever. And it also takes more time looking for it than just standing over it and moving on.
  7. I've found the best strategy (except for really tall plants e.g. corn) is to stand directly over them and punch down. I never accidentally punch up a seed that way, but have punched up a LOT of seeds this whole alpha otherwise.
  8. I believe that in an industry term. Like on YouTube we have the Creator Studio and Creator Acadamy and what we create is called content.
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